The Terra Viva Grants Directory develops and manages information about grants for agriculture, energy, environment, and natural resources in the world's developing countries.

Freqently Asked Questions

Does the Terra Viva Grants Directory provide grants?

No, the Terra Viva Grants Directory is an information service. We do not offer grants, loans, equity investments, or other types of financial assistance.  We do not sponsor or announce lotteries, drawings, promotions, or other schemes that offer money in any form.  We do not offer courses, workshops, conferences, etc., that collect fees. 

We are aware of individuals and organizations that intend to extract money and/or banking information by using our name and/or logo. They are fraudulent. 

Do you help write and edit grant proposals, and recommend where to submit them?

We do not engage in consulting or grant writing. Moreover, we do not comment on grant proposals sent to us via email or postal mail.

What is the scope of the Directory?

We specialize in international grant makers that focus on programs and projects in agriculture, energy, environment, and natural resources. We also include other grant makers which have smaller or limited programmatic areas in these sectors, and which operate internationally.

A large amount of development aid is for victims of natural disasters, usually in the form of grants. Does the Directory capture this?

These are grants for emergency relief. They are delivered mainly through organizations focused on humanitarian and social objectives. This departs from the central orientation of the Terra Viva Grants Directory. However, we include grant makers which fund activities to prevent and mitigate natural disasters (i.e., before they happen).

What other topics are not included in the Directory?

We no not include international population studies and demographics, even though many opinion makers consider this area to be relevant through considerations of population pressure on finite resources.

We omit grants in human nutrition, even though they are indirectly related to agriculture. Similarly, we do not include grants which support emergency food supply. Emergency feeding is humanitarian relief more than agricultural development.

Can users be assured that the information provided in the Directory is objective?

Yes, we have every reason to be fair in our treatment of organizations profiled in this website. We are independent of all of them. Moreover, we have no political, religious, or philosophical agendas to promote.

We select grant makers on the basis of their relevance. We do not make judgments regarding their motivations, program effectiveness, and other aspects of their organizational behavior and performance.