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Hellenic Aid

Hellenic Aid2Grants to civil society organizations in Greece and developing countries for activities that may include agriculture, energy, environment, and natural resources

Principal Office: Greece


Within the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the International Development Cooperation Department (YDAS — also known as Hellenic Aid) is responsible for oversight of the country’s development assistance and humanitarian aid.  However, Greece’s annual aid budget is planned and disbursed by several ministries.

Greek development assistance includes projects and activities for agricultural development, aquaculture, water and sanitation, prevention of natural disasters, renewable energy, and climate change. However, these areas are only modestly represented in Hellenic Aid.

Most bilateral development assistance is directed to the Balkans region, Middle East, and Caucasus region.

Grant Programs for Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources

1 – Support to Organizations in Greece. Hellenic Aid offers co-funding to government ministries and civil society organizations in Greece to participate in development activities.

APPLICATION:  Hellenic Aid invites expressions of interest from Greek ministries, NGOs, universities, and other organizations to submit project proposals for review and consideration. The invitation defines the focus of development cooperation for the year; the priority sectors for aid; the priority countries; and details regarding proposal submission and evaluation. Note: There have been no calls for proposals since 2009.

About support to Greek organizations, and the application process

2 — Civil Society in the Developing Countries. Some Greek embassies, particularly in the Balkan countries, administer a Small Projects Fund.

APPLICATION: Grant seekers contact the relevant Greek embassy or consulate. Only some of the diplomatic missions manage a Small Projects Fund.

Link to Greek diplomatic missions

3 — Hellenic Aid Scholarships. In coordination with the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, Hellenic Aid provides scholarships to students from developing countries for graduate and post-graduate studies at Greek universities and technological institutes.

APPLICATION: Hellenic Aid annually determines the countries from which it will accept scholarship applications, and the number of scholars per country. Applicants in the eligible countries work with the Greek diplomatic and consular authorities, which administer the application process.  

Geographical Distribution of Grant Activities in Developing Countries

The top recipients of Greek bilateral aid in year 2015 are identified below, using the regional classification of the Terra Viva Grants Directory.

Eurasia and Central Asia: Georgia, Iran, Turkey

Eastern Europe and Russia: Albania, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine

Middle East and North Africa: Egypt, Palestinian Territories, Syria

Sub-Saharan Africa: Dem Rep Congo 


Hellenic Aid’s website is available in Greek only.  

Hellenic Aid offers contact information.

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