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UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office

FCOGrants to organizations in priority countries to address climate change and increase energy security

Principal Office: UK



The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is the UK’s diplomatic service, with a global network of offices in about 170 countries. The FCO advances the UK’s international aims in trade and investment, culture and diplomacy, and international affairs.

The FCO manages several funding programs. Among them is the Prosperity Fund to support an open global economy, avoid dangerous climate change, and enhance energy security.

Grant Programs for Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources

Prosperity Fund. The Prosperity Fund operates in several countries and regions to promote an open economy, address climate change, and increase energy security. The UK’s diplomatic missions administer the program. The missions have considerable autonomy to choose grant themes and grant-making processes that are consistent with the overall aims of the Fund.

In many cases, eligibility criteria for the Prosperity Fund are broad to include civil society organizations, government institutions, universities, research organizations, and business organizations. However, eligibility has to be confirmed case by case.

APPLICATION: In the countries and regions which participate in the Fund, the UK’s diplomatic missions announce calls for proposals. Each call provides eligibility criteria, application forms, and the submission deadline. Note: The timing of the calls varies from one country/regional program to another.

Geographical Distribution of Grant Activities in Developing Countries

The Prosperity Fund operates in the following developing and emerging countries, applying the geographical framework of the Terra Viva Grants Directory.

East Asia: China

South Asia: India

Eurasia and Central Asia: Turkey

Sub-Saharan Africa: South Africa

Latin America and Caribbean: Brazil, Mexico

Notes: (i) The Prosperity Fund also makes grants in South Korea and regionally for Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.


The FCO is the main funding source of the UK’s Chevening Scholarships. Since 1984, the Chevening program has provided more than 40 thousand scholarships at UK institutions of higher education for post-graduate students worldwide (excluding the EU and USA). Eligible subject areas often include one or more of agriculture, energy, climate change, environment, and sustainable development.

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