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Wallace Genetic Foundation

WallaceGenetic2Grants for sustainable agriculture, conservation of natural resources, and other topics in environmental sustainability

Principal Office: USA

Henry Wallace founded the world’s first commercial hybrid seed company, Pioneer Hi-Bred Corn Company, in 1926. His philanthropic interests were long-term conservation of the soil and the environment.

The Wallace Genetic Foundation is interested in far-sighted groups and individuals with innovative ideas, and whose work promises to provide long-term benefit to the USA and globally.

Grant Programs for Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources

Grants in agriculture, natural resources, and related issues. The Foundation’s areas of interest are:

  • Sustainable agriculture;
  • Farmland preservation;
  • Conservation of natural resources;
  • Biodiversity protection;
  • Reduction of environmental toxins; and
  • Issues of global climate.

About the program


Grants are for general support and specific programs, including some that have an international focus.

Grant recipients are tax-exempt nonprofit organizations in the USA. They include conservation NGOs, universities, professional associations, and others.

Most grants range between US$25 thousand and US$50 thousand for one year.

APPLICATION: Applicants prepare a cover letter; project summary; project budget; amount requested from the Foundation; and statement of other financial support.

Supplementary documents include evidence of tax-exempt status, financial statements, and lists of board members and officers.

Proposals are submitted to the Foundation by postal mail at any time of the year.

About how to apply

Geographical Distribution of Grant Activities in Developing Countries



The original Wallace Genetic Foundation split into three separate foundations in 1995: the Wallace Genetic Foundation; the Wallace Global Fund; and the Wallace Research Foundation. 

The Wallace Genetic Foundation lists its grant recipients, by years.

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