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Hermès Enterprise Foundation

Hermes2Support for biodiversity conservation in relation to traditional knowledge and community development

Principal Office: France


Created in 2008, the Hermès Enterprise Foundation (Fondation d’entreprise Hermès) consolidates and extends the philanthropic support of the house of Hermès in Paris.

The Foundation is active in France and internationally in promoting traditional craft skills and expertise; supporting the creative arts; providing access to education and training; and protecting biodiversity.

Grant Programs for Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources

Biodiversity and Local Knowledge. The Foundation seeks to support grassroots projects that highlight local skills and knowledge in agriculture and rural life that are consistent with protecting biodiversity.

Projects link biodiversity conservation with the application of traditional knowledge and expertise, and promote sustainable and people-centered development.

About support for biodiversity (in “Know-how and transmission of skills”)


APPLICATION: In its program “Biodiversity and Local Knowledge, the Foundation posts calls for applications. Applications are sent by postal mail to the Foundation’s office in Paris.

Note: The most recent call was made in year 2013-2014.

About how to apply

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The Foundation’s website is available in French and English.

Hermès emphasizes links among lifestyles, craftsmanship, culture, and humanist concerns. It looks for “value added” at the interfaces of these interests – which should guide grant seekers to the types of proposals that will be successful.

In the area of biodiversity, the Foundation collaborates with France’s IDDRI (Institut du développment durable et des relations internationales).

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