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Orangutan Foundation

OrangutanFoundationGrants and awards for orangutan conservation

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The Orangutan Foundation is a UK charity that works to conserve the threatened orangutan and its habitat in the forests of Borneo and Sumatra.

The Foundation’s programs focus on habitat protection and reforestation; orangutan translocation and release; community capacity building and support for local livelihoods; environmental education and awareness; and scientific research.

Grant Programs for Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources

Research and Awards for Orangutan Conservation. The Orangutan Foundation annually makes small research grants, and it recently launched an annual award named for a former trustee.

  • Sir Terry Pratchett “Oook” Award for the Conservation of Orangutans and Their Habitat — This annual award is open to research students, veterinarians, journalists, and film-makers of any nationality for outstanding contributions towards conserving orangutan populations within their protected habitat. The award is £5 thousand for the winning applicant.
  • Research Grants to Indonesian Students – The Foundation offers up to four grants annually to Indonesian students studying orangutan behavior and ecology, or conducting related rainforest field research in Indonesia. Preference is for research focusing on understudied populations. Grants are a maximum of £500 each.
APPLICATION: The Foundation publishes grant guidelines and criteria, application forms, and application deadlines for the award and the small grants.

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Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia


The Orangutan Foundation publishes links to additional organizations engaged in conserving orangutans, other apes, and rainforest habitat.

The Orangutan Foundation is a separate and independent organization from the Orangutan Foundation International, based in the USA.

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