The Terra Viva Grants Directory develops and manages information about grants for agriculture, energy, environment, and natural resources in the world's developing countries.

Takagi Fund — Citizen Science

The Takagi Fund for Citizen Science invites grant applications from groups and individuals in Asia pursuing “Citizen Science”. Research Grants may cover research and travel expenses, printing, as well as workshops or symposia to communicate research findings to the public. Training Grants are to support an individual receiving training at educational institutions, NGOs, research institutes and can be used to cover travel, accommodation, tuition or related costs. Maximum grant amount per application is US$5 thousand. The deadline for submission of applications is 13 September 2021. Takagi Fund for Citizen Science

Women’s International Network on Disasters Risk Reduction — Awards

The Women’s International Network on Disasters Risk Reduction (WIN DRR) awards two cash prizes to highlight the work of women who are changing the field of disaster risk reduction. Nominees must identify as women and be citizens/permanent residents of Asia-Pacific countries, who are working on disaster risk reduction across the Asia-Pacific region. Nominations close on 17 September 2021. Find details

World Food Programme — Innovation Challenge

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) announces the WFP Innovation Challenge 2021 that aims to support and scale bold new solutions to disrupt global hunger and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. WFP’s current innovation priorities are resilient food systems, safe and nutritious food systems, and inclusive food systems. Projects will be considered for a six-month acceleration program with access of up to US$100 thousand in equity-free funding. Eligibility extends to start-ups (profit or not-for-profit) and WFP employees who are collaborating with NGOs, government or private sectors. Applications can be submitted until 19 September 2021. WFP Innovation Challenge

Climate Tracker — COP26 Journalism Fellowship (in-person)

Climate Tracker plans to support a small team of 5 in-person journalists to report from inside the UN Climate Talks this October & November. Climate Tracker seeks young, but experienced reporters based in Europe or the UK, but come from a developing country background, and can speak and write in a non-English language. The 5 selected fellows will receive a stipend of €250 to publish up to 4 stories in their national media. The application deadline is 20 September 2021. In-Person Journalism Fellowship

Climate Tracker — COP26 Climate Journalism Fellowship (online)

Climate Tracker supports a team of 20 young journalists to report virtually on the UN Climate Talks this October and November. Climate Tracker seeks young, early-to-mid-career reporters who work on collaborative stories they can publish in their national media. Fellows will receive a stipend of €250 to publish up to 4 stories in their national media. Deadline is 20 September 2021. Climate Journalism Fellowship

CIVICUS — Civil Society Activism

The CIVICUS Nelson Mandela-Graça Machel Innovation Awards shed a light on the importance of people power and civil society activism in creating a more just, inclusive and sustainable world. The Awards will recognize seven individuals, groups or organizations that stand out for their innovative work building people power in support of human rights and social justice for everyone. Each winning initiative will receive a US$5 thousand prize. The Awards are open to any individual, organization or group in Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Pacific. Deadline to submit the online application form is 20 September 2021. Innovation Awards

UK Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs — Darwin Plus for British Overseas Territories

The Darwin Initiative contributes knowledge that links biodiversity conservation and poverty reduction in low and middle-income countries. Darwin Plus supports projects working on environment or climate change issues in British Overseas Territories. Darwin Plus Fellowships aim to build capacity within the UK Overseas Territories through training opportunities. There are two different budget templates for projects requesting over and under £100 thousand. The Project Leader can be based in any country. However, all Darwin Plus projects are expected to seek in-territory partners. Projects led by in-territory partners/organizations are encouraged. Closing dates are 20 September 2021 for Darwin Plus and 10 January 2022 for Darwin Fellowships. Link to Darwin Plus

U.S. African Development Foundation — Mandela Washington Fellows Program

The Mandela Washington Fellows Program provides up to US$25 thousand in funding to African-owned, sustainable social ventures. Venture must be based in and operate in Sub-Saharan Africa. Applicants have to demonstrate how the venture will improve and change the communities in which the grants are implemented. Applications are open until 21 September 2021. More info here

Young Water Solutions — Young Water Fellowship Program: Senegal

Young Water Solutions supports young entrepreneurs to launch their water and sanitation related social businesses. The Young Water Fellowship provides training, seed-funding and mentorship. The bootcamp aims to empower its participants to implement projects addressing water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), water pollution, and water scarcity. After the bootcamps Fellows can apply for a funding of up to €5 thousand to pilot their business models over 6 months. To be eligible, applicants must be 18 to 30 years old, be fluent in French, intend to stay in Senegal for at least 1.5 years after the training and spend at least 15 hours per week to work on their social business. The call for applications is open until 22 September 2021. Young Water Fellowship Senegal

AFR100 Initiative — Restoring African Landscapes

The AFR100 Initiative seeks to show that restoration can create a prosperous, net-zero-emissions future for Africa. Therefore, the initiative will finance 100 non-profit community organizations and for-profit businesses that are restoring land by planting and growing trees in rural and urban landscapes. Early-stage for-profit businesses or non-profit organizations can apply for US$50 thousand to US$150 thousand. Growth stage organizations can apply for US$250 thousand to US$500 thousand. Deadline to submit Expressions of Interest is 23 September 2021. Plant a tree