The Terra Viva Grants Directory develops and manages information about grants for agriculture, energy, environment, and natural resources in the world's developing countries.

Mirova — Nature-based Solutions

The Nature+ Accelerator Fund aims to support nature-based innovative solutions to mitigate and adapt to climate change whilst delivering positive impacts both on biodiversity and the wellbeing of local communities. The Fund will invest in projects across the following four categories: Terrestrial Conservation and Restoration; Marine Conservation and Coastal Resilience; Sustainable Agriculture; and Nature-Based Innovation (e.g., drone technology, conservation-focused smart apps, etc.). Projects with an early-stage concept may request between US$100-200 thousand, projects that have a proof-of-concept can receive between US$1-2 million, and successful projects looking for follow-on funding to scale-up will receive up to US$5 million. Applicants must be seeking commercial proposals – the funding delivered will be investment capital subject to repayment and returns. The application window closes 31 August 2022. Nature+ Accelerator Fund

Geneva Centre for Security Policy — Prize for Innovation in Global Security

The Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) offers a prize to recognize deserving individuals or organizations that have an innovative approach to addressing international security challenges. The prize seeks to reward the most ground-breaking contribution of the year in the form of an initiative, invention, research publication, or organization. All disciplines and fields are relevant (including global environmental security). The amount of the prize is CHF10 thousand. The application deadline is 22 September 2022. GCSP Prize

King Baudouin Foundation — Fonds Ernest Solvay

The Ernest Solvay Fund provides grants to individuals and organizations implementing a non-commercial project which is intended to promote scientific and technological training and development, both in Belgium and abroad. Projects may focus on both education and entrepreneurship in areas such as chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics and earth sciences. Financial support of up to €10 thousand will be provided. The deadline for submitting proposals is 10 October 2022. Fonds Ernest Solvay

British Herpetological Society — Student Grants

The British Herpetological Society (BHS) offers small grants to current students in support of herpetological fieldwork and other research costs. Projects which benefit species of conservation concern are likely to be favored. The scheme is open to students and research projects in any country, but applications from countries where funds are relatively easy to obtain may be at a disadvantage. Applicants do not have to be BHS members, though this is encouraged. Small grants are up to £300. The application deadline is 01 December 2022. BHS student grants

MDPI — Sustainability Travel Awards 2023

MDPI, a publisher of peer-reviewed, open access journals, grants travel awards to 5 junior scientists. The award provides financial support to attend an international conference in the field of sustainability and sustainable development, to be held in 2023. Candidates must be postdoctoral fellows or PhD students. The winners will each be awarded CHF 600 and a certificate. Applications have to be submitted by 31 December 2022. Sustainability Travel Awards

CS Fund and Warsh-Mott Legacy — Agriculture and Food Sovereignty

The CS Fund and Warsh-Mott Legacy take an activist approach in making grants to defend traditional management of agriculture and natural resources in the Global South. Specific interests include protecting local seeds and reducing chemicals in agriculture; regulating the introduction of genetically modified organisms; and supporting communities in their self-governance of natural resources. Recent grants include several for Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa. Most grants are under US$20 thousand. Letters of inquiry can be sent at any time. Details here

Pennsylvania State University — Online Course in Dairy Management

Pennsylvania State University (USA) announces an 8-week online course about sustainable dairy production. The course will offer an international perspective on aspects of dairy management such as genetics, nutrition, reproduction, etc. Target audiences include the general public interested; professionals; livestock producers; and educators and students. Financial aid is available to individuals who cannot afford the course fee. Course lectures are translated into Portuguese and Chinese. Enrollment is open. Know more

Waitt Foundation — Small Grants for Marine Protected Areas and Fisheries

The Waitt Foundation makes Rapid Ocean Conservation (ROC) grants to strengthen and expand marine protected areas, and to promote sustainable fisheries. Grants support scientific research, policy, management, and public awareness. There are no geographical restrictions. Grants are up to US$10 thousand, and occasionally up to US$15 thousand. Applications are reviewed with a quick turnaround time to address urgent needs. Preliminary grant requests are accepted all year. About ROC grants

Rescued Tools Foundation — Tools and Small Equipment for Grassroots Groups in Africa

The Rescued Tools Foundation (Stichting Gered Gereedschap) collects and refurbishes discarded tools and small items of equipment in the Netherlands for the benefit of recipients in Sub-Saharan Africa. The priority countries are Uganda, Malawi, Tanzania and Ghana. The Foundation favors projects that offer opportunities for women, marginalized groups, co-operatives, and ecological awareness and environmental protection. Organizations that meet the Foundation’s criteria for assistance can fill out an application form. About

SDG Academy — Free Online Courses on Sustainable Development

The SDG Academy (edX) offers graduate-level courses on sustainable development for participants around the world. Thematic areas range from sustainable cities to sustainable food systems to climate action. SDG Academy courses can be audited for free or participants can choose to receive a Verified Certificate for a small fee. The Academy offers financial assistance for learners who want to earn Verified Certificates but who may not be able to afford the fee. All courses are interactive and self-paced. Browse available online courses