The Terra Viva Grants Directory develops and manages information about grants for agriculture, energy, environment, and natural resources in the world's developing countries.

TREE Fund — Funding for Arboriculture and Urban Forestry

The Jack Kimmel International Grant Program makes grants to researchers in arboriculture and urban forestry worldwide. Projects of one to three years are funded to a maximum of US$10 thousand. In 2022, the grant program will be focused specifically on Arboriculture; Tree Health; and Risk Assessment. To apply, applicants have to send a brief Letter of Inquiry (LOI) before 15 September 2022. Link

TREE Fund — Research in Arboriculture

The John Z. Duling Grant Program offers funding up to US$25 thousand during 1-3 years to support exploratory work in the early stages of untested but potentially transformative research in arboriculture. In 2022, the program will focus on Propagation, Plant Selection, Development of New Varieties, and Planting/Establishment. Applicants can be of any national or ethnic origin. Applicants have to send a brief Letter of Inquiry (LOI) before 15 September 2022. Details

Korea International Water Week — World Water Challenge 2022

The World Water Challenge is an international contest for water solutions. The Korea International Water Week (KIWW) aims to discover imminent water problems and to find feasible solutions. Participants are asked to select a water challenge (identified in the call) and submit their solution. The total prize amount for the World Water Challenge 2022 is KRW 10 million (approx. US$7,600). Winners will have the chance to be invited to the WWCH showcase during the KIWW 2023 and/or the 10th World Water Forum. Individuals or organizations are welcome to participate. Proposals can be submitted until 15 September 2022. Know more

Jewish Helping Hands — Grant Program

Jewish Helping Hands (JHH) supports vulnerable populations through a variety of programs focused on economic development and social empowerment through financial and hands-on support. JHH considers making grants to individuals or organizations that provide the basic necessities for a decent life, including water, food and womens’ empowerment. Projects are ordinarily eligible for awards up to $5 thousand. JHH seeks to partner with grassroots organizations in East Africa, Central America, North America, any impoverished Jewish Communities, and Israel. Submissions for projects will be accepted until 19 September 2022. JHH Grant Program

Royal Society — Entrepreneur in Residence

The Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR) scheme aims to increase the knowledge and awareness in UK universities of cutting edge industrial science, research and innovation. The scheme provides industrial scientists and entrepreneurs with the opportunity to spend one day a week at a university developing their project. The EiR awards are for one year. The value of the scheme is up to a maximum of £20 thousand. The scheme is open to applicants of any nationality, who are eligible to work in the UK. Applicants should have a background in science and engineering. The deadline for applications is 23 September 2022. Details here

European Commission — Sustainable Algae-based Solutions

The European Commission (EC) invites innovative and sustainable algae-based solutions and products for uses such as human consumption, animal feed, wastewater treatment, or applications for agriculture to the market. Projects require multi-stakeholder engagements with active participation from academia, organizations, citizens, civil society, start-ups, SMEs and other businesses. Applicants must be established in the Member States of the European Union or low- and middle-income countries. Applications have to be submitted by 27 September 2022. Details here

European Commission — Marine and Freshwater Pollution

The European Commission (EC) offers grants to prevent and minimize marine and freshwater pollution from chemical pollutants. Proposals should focus on demonstrating replicable solutions to prevent and minimize pollution in the Mediterranean Sea including its major river catchment areas. The maximum amount of financial support is €100 thousand per region. Applicants must be established in the Member States of the European Union or low- and middle-income countries. Applications have to be submitted by 27 September 2022. Link

Curt Bergfors Foundation — Food Planet Prize

The Food Planet Prize seeks ideas that could solve the dilemma of feeding a growing population on a warming planet. The prize awards two initiatives with €2 million each to speed up their product, project, or program. Nominees can be individuals, groups, organizations or businesses. Nominations from all over the world are welcome. For the 2023 Prize, nominations have to be received by 30 September 2022. Food Planet Prize

Banyan Tree Global Foundation — Greater Good Grants 2023

Bayan Tree Global Foundation accepts applications for the “2023 Greater Good Grants,” which aim to impactful initiatives that benefit local communities and environments in Mexico, Cuba, Morocco, Islands in Eastern Africa and Southeast Asia. The main focus areas for projects include freshwater access, alternative livelihood development that protects the environment, management of food waste and humanitarian themes. Grants may request up to US$10 thousand. The application deadline is 30 September 2022. Greater Good Grants

Global Water Partnership-Caribbean — Water and Wastewater Management Scholarships

The Global Water Partnership-Caribbean seeks to build and strengthen capacity in the area of Integrated Water and Wastewater Management (IWWM) in the Caribbean region. Residents of the Caribbean region may apply for IWWM Scholarships up to a maximum of US$500, to fund a water course of their choice. Interested applicants must express their interest by 30 September 2022. Know more