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      <p>The Sleman Regency Government has kicked off the formation of millennial farmers. This agenda was marked by the first harvest of agricultural products from millennial farmers in a demonstration plot (demonstration plot) covering an area of ​​1.5 hectares in the north of the Sleman Regent’s official residence. Head of the Sleman Regency Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Service, Heru Saptono, said that currently there are around 294 farmers in Sleman Regency. However, it is targeted that as many as 1,000 millennial farmers will be formed by 2024. “We hope that this target can be met more quickly before 2024,” Heru said, Monday (12/4). He explained, the age limit of millennial farmers was 19-39 years. They not only master the field of agriculture, but also information technology, one of which is done during the first harvest, namely spraying chilies using drones. “This is a motivation for millennial nama bayi islami 3 suku kata farmers if farming does not have to touch the land, but through technology,” said Heru. The first harvest on an area of ​​1.5 hectares from a total area of ​​four hectares is one of the demonstration plots initiated by the Regent of Sleman. Later, the location will be used as a farming school for millennial farmers to learn agriculture. The Regent of Sleman, Kustini Purnomo said, of the 1.5 hectares was used to plant onions, yams, yam, chilies, melons, watermelons, long beans, cabbage, pineapple and aloe vera. Planting uses an intercropping system. He hopes that later the existence of millennial farmers can become a mainstay of Sleman. Moreover, if you look at the current developments in Indonesia, where young people still tend to be less interested in the agricultural sector. “Therefore, we encourage the formation of millennial farmers to regenerate and further advance agriculture in Sleman Regency,” said Kustini.</p>

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