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Nippon Foundation

NipponGrants for grassroots development assistance and for maritime and marine issues

Principal Office: Japan



The Nippon Foundation grew from origins in the 1960s as an organization concerned with rebuilding Japan’s maritime industry.

The Foundation maintains its interest in maritime issues. It has added other grant-making programs to address basic human needs, human resources development, and leprosy control.

Grant Programs for Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources

1 — Overseas Grant Programs. The Nippon Foundation provides grants to projects run by nonprofit organizations around the world.

  • Basic Human Needs — Past projects include several in small-scale agriculture, and the use of traditional medicines in primary health care.

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  • Human Resources Development — Grants fund professional education and training in a wide variety of fields, including in agriculture and natural resources (among others).

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The Nippon Foundation makes its overseas grants to nonprofit organizations based outside of Japan. This refers to local, regional, and international NGOs and other nonprofit organizations, including educational and research institutions.

There is no minimum or maximum grant size. Many grants are over US$100 thousand.

APPLICATION: Applicants should study the Foundation’s guidelines for overseas grants.

Applications include a cover letter; an application summary; a project budget; and a project proposal. When available, applicants also submit annual and other documents which support their legal and financial status.

Application materials should be submitted in English. There is no application deadline.

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2 — Marine and Maritime Affairs. Particular interests in this program area include legal, policy, and governance issues in maritime affairs; support for multilateral networks on ocean issues; and marine environmental management and oceanography.

The priority is for cross-border transnational activities; regional undertakings that fall outside the reach of the public sector and donor agencies; and initiatives to tackle pressing issues and long-range or persistent problems in a systematic manner.

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APPLICATION: The application guidelines and process are broadly similar to those above for Overseas Grant Programs.

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The Foundation’s website is available in Japanese and English.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) summarize the criteria and process of grant making.

The Foundation identifies projects across a wide range of interests in Japan and internationally.

The Foundation places major importance on education and training, offering substantial support to capacity-building programs.

Contact is an email address.

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