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Rockefeller Foundation

Rockefeller FoundationGrants in support of African agriculture, resilience to climate change, and access to energy

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Established in 1913, the Rockefeller Foundation works around the world to expand opportunities for poor and vulnerable people, and to help ensure that the benefits of globalization are shared more equitably.

Among other past achievements, the Rockefeller Foundation significantly funded the modernization of agriculture in Asia and Latin America, known as the Green Revolution.

Grant Programs for Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources

The Rockefeller Foundation defines several initiatives and topics that guide its grant making. Those of principal relevance in the Terra Viva Grants Directory are identified below.

1 — Food Security in Africa. The Rockefeller Foundation partners with other organizations (notably the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) for support of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa to improve small-scale African agriculture.  More recently, the Rockefeller Foundation has launched an initiative to reduce post-harvest food waste in African agriculture (“Yield Wise”).

About Food Security


2 — Developing Resilience to Climate Change. The Foundation provides funding in support of climate change resilience for poor and vulnerable people. The strategy includes attention to how climate change affects urban environments, African agriculture, energy generation, water demand, and other linkages.

About Climate Change Resilience


3 — Production and Consumption of Energy. The Foundation aims to expand rural electrification in ways that are environmentally and economically sustainable, and that catalyze long-term economic growth, beginning in India.

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Grant seekers may want to explore additional initiatives not identified above.


Rockefeller makes grants across a wide range of nonprofit organizations worldwide. They include policy and research institutes; universities; foundations and NGOs; networks and associations; international organizations; and government organizations. A few grants are occasionally made to private companies.

Grants range from under US$25 thousand to multi-million dollars for projects of one to five years.

APPLICATION (for 1-2-3 preceding): Rockefeller posts a form for online grant inquiries.

Requests for support must fit Rockefeller’s issue areas, current initiatives, and geographical regions.

Inquiries can be submitted at any time. If Rockefeller provides a positive view of the initial application, it responds by asking for a full proposal.

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(Note: At the time of this profile update, the Foundation does not accept or review unsolicited proposals.)

Geographical Distribution of Grant Activities in Developing Countries



The Foundation’s grants database is searchable by key words, dates, grant amounts, and initiatives.

With funding from the Rockefeller Foundation, the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network works at the intersection of climate change, vulnerable and poor communities, and urbanization.

Contact information is posted for Rockefeller’s offices in New York City, Bangkok, Nairobi, and Bellagio. The Foundation also provides an email contact form.

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