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Save Our Seas Foundation

Save Our Seas FoundationGrants for research, education, public awareness, and conservation in marine environment

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The Save Our Seas Foundation (SOSF) supports research, education, awareness, and conservation projects focusing on the major threats to the marine environment.

SOSF defines these threats as overfishing, predator loss; climate change; pollution; and habitat destruction.

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Grants for marine environment. SOSF makes grants worldwide for research, conservation, and/or education to protect the marine environment. Projects should integrate at least two of these components and focus on charismatic marine mega fauna — particularly sharks, rays, and skates.

Most grant recipients are nonprofit conservation organizations that have programs or projects related to marine environment, fisheries, and related themes.

APPLICATION: The SOSF makes grants in two categories:

  • Small Grants of less than US$10 thousand; and
  • Keystone Grants ranging from US$10 thousand to US$100 thousand.

Each type of grant has a specific purpose and application process. The emergency funds are available on a continuous basis. The small grants have an annual cycle, and the keystone grants and photography grants operate biennially.

About the grants program, and how to apply

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Grant seekers should study the funding guidelines and the funding FAQ.

SOSP shares a projects directory with all projects supported by the Foundation.

Contact offers an email contact form and the address of the Foundation’s headquarters in Switzerland.

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