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Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust

Grants for wildlife and environmental conservation in the UK and internationally

Principal Office: UK

The Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust makes grants to charities working in wildlife and environmental conservation; charities operating in the county of Sussex (UK); and charities working in family planning.

The Trust’s grant making for wildlife and conservation supports programs and projects in the UK and internationally.

Grant Programs for Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources

Grants for wildlife and environmental conservation. The Trust makes grants in the area of wildlife and environmental conservation in the UK and internationally. The international grants are primarily for conservation in the developing world.

Most funding for international activities is to international conservation organizations, and to UK organizations that manage international programs.

The Trust makes one-off grants, and exceptionally it makes conditionally renewable grants.

The Trust makes three grants: Small Grants (up to £3 thousand); Medium Grants (from £3 thousand to £10 thousand); and Large Grants (over £10 thousand).

APPLICATION: The Trust provides application forms, a budget template, and windows for grant applications. Grant seekers provide a short summary of their projects; a short description regarding how the project will be monitored and its results disseminated; information about complementary funding; and other supporting details.

Applications for small grants can be submitted any time.

Applications for medium grants can be submitted four times a year between the following dates: 04 January – 11 February; 18 April – 19 May; 10 July – 20 August; 09 October – 19 November.

Applications for large grants can be submitted twice a year between the following dates: 04 January – 04 March; 10 July – 10 September.

About how to apply

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Grant applicants should consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Applicants can take the eligibility questionnaire.

The Kleinwort family has a strong historical association with WWF in the UK and internationally.

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