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Monthly Update: January 2022

Additions and changes in the Terra Viva Grants Directory for the period 16 December 2021 > 15 January 2022.

SECTION A: Updates to Application Deadlines

Below we identify the most recently added or changed opportunities which remain relevant (i.e., with calendar deadlines beyond the date of this posting).

January 2022

UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network — Innovation Readiness Program

The Innovation Readiness Program (IRP) is a 16-week acceleration program that provides young innovators with valuable insights from leading experts. The IRP invites early-stage, youth-run startups and enterprises whose work is contributing towards achieving one or multiple SDGs. The application deadline is 31 December 2021. Innovation Readiness Program


Global Solutions Initiative — Young Global Changers

The Global Solutions Initiative invites applications for the Young Global Changers (YGC) Recoupling Awards to recognize and reward projects and initiatives by young people from around the world. The Global Solutions Initiative seeks individuals (young entrepreneurs, young business leaders, young nonprofit actors) with innovative ideas on how to make this world a better place. Young Changemakers must have developed a project or an initiative in social well-being and/or environmental sustainability to turn their ideas into action. Successful applicants will become part of the Young Global Changers class of 2022. The overall winner receives a prize of € 5.000, the runner-up receives € 2.000, third place wins € 1.000. The application deadline is 05 January 2022. More information


Climate Tracker — Sustainability Solutions Journalism Fellowship

Climate Tracker offers a 6-month paid media mentorship-fellowship focused on producing stories about local sustainable solutions. Fellows will receive training and mentoring to produce one story about nature-based solutions, climate change, regenerative agriculture, biodiversity conservation, or energy transition every month for 6 months. Furthermore, Fellows receive US$165 per month stipend during the duration of the fellowship. The deadline to apply is 07 January 2022. Link to Climate Tracker


Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association — Plastics Training Course

The Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA) invites applications to the online Plastics Training Workshop. The course will include eight days of interactive learning. Successful participants can download a certificate of completion. This plastics course starts on 10 January 2022. Plastics Training Course


EIT Food Call — Technology Solutions in the Agri-Food Sector

EIT Food seeks organizations from EU Member States and Horizon Europe Associated Countries to organize collaborative activities which will bring innovative technology solutions to the market in the agri-food sector. The selected organization will receive funding of up to €400 thousand for 2022 and up to a maximum €1.4 million during 2022-2024. Please note that this is a call to become an organizer of the project activities not a call for participation in the program. The submission deadline is 14 January 2022. Click here


Kubota Fund — Academic Training Program

The Kubota Fund announces a grant program for research analysts, trainees and students from developing countries who join academic or training programs provided by research/educational institutes or private enterprises located in Japan. The Fund provides financial aid (from ¥80 thousand to ¥100 thousand per month) to students, trainees, and researchers for pursuing academic degrees or research at educational or research institutes and business enterprises. Training or research on technologies for developing countries (especially civil engineering, electricity, machinery, agriculture, environment, energy, development economy) at companies or organizations in Japan is supported. Applicant must be a national of a developing country. The application deadline is 14 January 2022. Kubota Fund


January 2022


Earth Journalism Network — Asia-Pacific Media Grants 2022

The Earth Journalism Network (EJN) seeks applications from journalist networks, media organizations, civil society organizations, or academic institutions throughout the Asia-Pacific region. With this call, the EJN aims to boost the quantity and quality of environmental and climate coverage in the region. The proposed projects can focus on capacity building activities, networking, or be used as a seed grant to build a new environmental media startup or journalist network. Grants will be given to organizations looking to implement projects with the maximum duration of one year. The grant amount can range between US$5 thousand to US$20 thousand. The application deadline is 15 January 2022. Asia-Pacific Media Grants


Charity Entrepreneurship — Incubation Program on How to Start a Charity

Charity Entrepreneurship accepts applications for two Incubation Programs (late June to late August 2022 and early February to late March 2023) for a two-month, fully cost-covered boot camp open to individuals who want to create, start, and operate an effective charity. The Incubation Program covers management, fundraising, impact analysis, and on-hands knowledge of established non-profit organizations. New organizations will receive seed grants of up to US$175 thousand in addition to legal support, and connections to donors, mentors, and potential employees. There is no geographical restriction for applicants. The deadline for applications is 16 January 2022. How to Start a Charity


WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award — Award in Sustainable Aquaculture

WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award invites nominations to recognize aquaculture initiatives from around the world that could contribute to increase efficiency and sustainability. The nominees will have created change that inspires others and shown what measures are necessary. Any organization, movement, business, group of people or individual can be nominated. Nominations must be submitted by 16 January 2022. Gothenburg Sustainability Award


National Geographic Society — Buffett Awards for Conservation Leadership in Africa and Latin America 2022

The National Geographic Society, in partnership with the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, welcomes nominations for the 2022 Buffett Awards for Leadership in Conservation. There is one annual award for Africa, and another for Latin America. The awards honor the achievements of conservation leaders in these two regions, and support their ongoing work with grants of US$25 thousand. The deadline for nominations is 17 January 2022. Buffett Awards


Canada Fund for Local Initiatives — Community Projects in Brazil

The Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) invites proposals that meet the needs of local communities in Brazil. CFLI provides funding to projects that implement environment and climate action projects focusing on adaptation and mitigation, targeted response in the event of disasters as well as water management and other thematic areas. The average contribution is C$30 thousand per project. Eligibility extends to not-for-profit local, national or community-based organizations. The deadline for submission is 18 January 2022. Details here


Tinker Foundation — Sustainable Resource Management in Latin America

Tinker’s program of Institutional Grants supports the theme of sustainable resource management (among others) in Latin America. Particular issues of interest include sustainable agriculture, sustainable forestry and non-timber forest products, sustainable tourism, fisheries management, and payment for environmental services. Tinker is also very interested in issues of water scarcity and quality for communities. Grants typically range from US$50 thousand to US$150 thousand. The Foundation encourages project collaboration among organizations in the USA and Latin America. Tinker invites brief letters of inquiry to the Foundation before proposals are prepared and submitted. Application deadlines for LOIs are 26 January and 27 July 2022. More information


Telecel Group — African Solutions for African Challenges

The ASIP Accelerator Program seeks African startups in sectors including AgriTech and CleanTech. The program is ideal for tech-oriented startups looking to scale through corporate and public sector partnerships. The program offers bootcamps and training events as well as benefits (Google Cloud Services, Hubspot, etc.) and €15 thousand in cash to each startup. Applications close 28 January 2022. ASIP Accelerator Program


United Nations University — MSc in Sustainability Science 2022

The UNU’s Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (UNU-IAS) offers an MSc degree program to produce scholars who will become key researchers in the field of sustainability science. UNU-IAS seeks to incorporate perspectives on global change, specifically those related to climate change and biodiversity. The Japan Foundation offers the UNU Scholarship for outstanding applicants from developing countries who can demonstrate a need for financial assistance. The deadline to apply for the MSc program is 28 January 2022. Overview


United Nations University — PhD in Sustainability Science 2022

The UNU’s Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (UNU-IAS) offers a three-year PhD program to produce scholars who will become key researchers in the field of sustainability science. The program seeks to incorporate perspectives on global change, specifically those related to climate change and biodiversity. The Japan Foundation offers the UNU Scholarship to outstanding applicants from developing countries who can demonstrate a need for financial assistance. The deadline for applications is 28 January 2022. About PhD in Sustainability Science


World Academy of Sciences — PhD Fellowship Program for Displaced and Refugee Scientists

UNESCO-TWAS offers an exile fellowship program for displaced and refugee scholars and scientists. The program aims to provide scholars and scientists from Afghanistan, Syria or Yemen who have not yet found a safe and long-term host country to pursue doctoral studies in Pakistan, at institutions members of the COMSTECH Consortium of Excellence (CCoE). Closing date of this fellowship is 28 January 2022. TWAS-COMSTECH Science in Exile


World Academy of Sciences — Postdoctoral Fellowship Program for Displaced and Refugee Scientists

UNESCO-TWAS offers a postdoctoral fellowship program for displaced and refugee scholars and scientists. The program aims to provide scholars and scientists from Afghanistan, Syria or Yemen who have not yet found a safe and long-term host country to pursue postdoctoral studies in Pakistan, at institutions members of the COMSTECH Consortium of Excellence (CCoE). Closing date of this fellowship is 28 January 2022. Exile Fellowships Program


Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund — Renewable Energy and Adaptation to Climate Technologies: Kenya

The REACT Sub-Saharan Africa Program makes grants to clean energy providers in Kenya to drive the expansion of access to clean energy across the country. The program supports renewable energy products or services, access to energy and electricity, cook stoves and fuel solutions, and mini-grids. The maximum award per company is US$500 thousand. The REACT awards are open to companies operating in Kenya. Applications must be submitted by 31 January 2022. More information


AECF — Kakuma Kalobeyei Challenge Fund

AECF builds resilience and sustainable incomes for rural and marginalized communities in Africa. The Kakuma Kalobeyei Challenge Fund (KKCF) is a competitive business challenge  that will support established companies, social enterprises, and local entrepreneurs in implementing commercially viable and sustainable businesses in the Kakuma refugee camp and Turkana County (Kenya). The Fund provides grants ranging from US$100 thousand to US$750 thousand and technical assistance to micro and small enterprises. Project sectors include water, agribusiness and renewable energy, among others. The deadline for applications is 31 January 2022. Competitive Business Challenge


Conservation Nation — Conservationist Grants Program

Conservation Nation provides grants to mid-career conservationists from underrepresented groups, such as women, people of color, Indigenous people and those from disadvantaged communities. Applicants can submit conservation activities or research projects in wildlife conservation. Conservationists are eligible for grants up to US$10 thousand. The applicants must be a mid-career conservationist whose home base and place of work are U.S.-based, however, projects and programs can be domestic or international. All applications must be submitted by 31 January 2022. Conservation Nation Grant


Women in Food and Agriculture — Mentorship Program

The Women in Food and Agriculture (WFA) and Alltech invite applications to the 2022 Mentorship Program from agri-food professionals from around the world. The mentorship program provides educational and supportive sessions as well as aid networking amongst all participants. The program welcomes people of all career and education levels. The program accepts applications for mentors and mentees until 31 January 2022. WFA Mentorship Program


Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit — Investment in African Agribusiness

The GIZ “Scaling Digital Agriculture Innovations through Startups” (SAIS) Investment Readiness Program seeks to scale digital innovations developed by African start-ups that enable their users in the agricultural or food sector to increase their income. Participating start-ups will receive virtual coaching and training sessions, in-person workshops, and access to service providers. This opportunity is aimed at start-ups (for-profit businesses) registered in Africa with scalable digital solutions with a clear positive impact on income in the agricultural and/or food sector. Applications have to be received online by 31 January 2022. GIZ-SAIS Investment Readiness Program


U.S. Department of State — Summit for Young Leaders in Southeast Asia

The Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) is a program of the U.S. government to support bright young leaders from ASEAN countries. The YSEALI Summit 2022 is an assembly of Southeast Asian youths to bring forth science, solutions, and solidarity for a livable future. The Summit “Empowering Technology for a Greener Future” invites YSEALI alumni to join online pre-Summit activities, 3-day workshops, and post-Summit engagements. Five teams will win US$2 thousand each in seed funds. Applicants must be between 18-35 years and citizens of Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Laos, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, or Timor-Leste. The application deadline is 31 January 2022. YSEALI Summit 2022


European Commission — Agro-Ecological Approaches in African Agriculture Systems

The European Commission (EC) accepts proposals for the agro-ecological approaches in African agriculture systems grant program. The implementation of agro-ecological approaches will alleviate the pressure that agri-food production places on natural ecosystems, contributing to resilience of agri-food systems and facilitating nature-based responses to current and future agri-food risks and threats. Proposals should build on existing and develop new knowledge, data, and models. Applicants must be established in EU Member States or low- and middle-income countries. The application deadline is 31 January 2022. Link


Village Capital — SME Accelerator

Village Capital seeks small and medium-sized enterprises and startups that are scaling market-based and contextualized solutions to critical climate adaptation and resilience challenges. Participants from Africa and Asia will have access to a one-week intensive virtual training program. Eligibility extends to companies developing or offering products and/or services (ideally technology-enabled) that increase the resilience of target users to the impacts of climate change. Applications close 31 January 2022. SME Accelerator


Global Landscapes Forum — Social Media Ambassadors

The Global Landscapes Forum launches a call for young voices from all over the world to become GLF Social Media Ambassadors for 2022. The volunteer program offers free tickets and a behind-the-scenes look at all GLF and partner events, social media workshops and learning programs and a personalized certificate. Participants must be between 18 and 35 years old and need basic knowledge of English. The application period ends on 31 January 2022. GLF Social Media Ambassadors


Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen — CrossCulture Program 2022

The Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa) seeks professionals and volunteers from South and Southeast Asia, Eurasia and Central Asia, Eastern Europe and Russia, and MENA countries to participate in a 2-3 months training program at host organizations in Germany or in CCP partner countries. Professional fellowships are being offered in Sustainable Development, and five other fields. The Fellowship covers travel expenses, accommodation, insurance, and a monthly allowance of €550. The applicant must be between the ages of 23 and 45 and have at least two years of proven professional experience or volunteer work in a civil society organization in the country of origin. The deadline for application is 31 January 2022. More


Ornithological Society of the Middle East — Bird Conservation 2022

The OSME’s Conservation Fund makes grants to support bird research in the Middle East, Caucasus, and Central Asia. The Fund supports projects benefiting species and habitats, especially Globally Threatened and Near Threatened birds, and sites important for bird conservation (Important Bird Areas) in the OSME region. Grants average about £1 thousand to £2 thousand. The submission deadlines are 31 January; 31 May; and 30 September of each year. Know more


German Missions — Small Scale Projects in South Asia

Germany’s Federal Foreign Office supports small scale projects in South Asia that address the needs of the underprivileged. Direct financial assistance is provided to Indian and Bhutanese NGOs and religious institutions for the implementation of small-scale projects for the benefit of disadvantaged groups of society. Projects must have a clear focus on “Helping people to help themselves” and aim to improve living conditions, for example, through water supply, energy supply, food security, reconstructions after a natural disaster etc. The average funding amount is €23 thousand per project. Deadline for submitting applications for the year 2022 is 31 January 2022. Link


February 2022

Energy Globe Award for Sustainability — Awards 2022

The Energy Globe Award recognizes outstanding projects worldwide that conserve and protect natural resources, and that employ renewable energy. Energy Globe seeks innovative projects and smart technologies in five categories: Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Youth, as well as a new special category Sustainable Start-Up. The winners in each category receive €2000 in prize money. Applicants can be individuals as well as organizations (i.e., private companies and corporations, development NGOs, community associations, government agencies, universities, and others) that contribute to climate change and other environmental issues. Every individual, private or public institution, company, or NGO can submit one or multiple projects. The deadline for applications is 01 February 2022. Energy Globe Award


Fondation Ensemble — Sustainable Development and Conservation 2022

Fondation Ensemble supports field projects in sustainable development and conservation. The Foundation’s focus areas are sustainable agriculture, sustainable fishing, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable technologies. The eligible countries for all supported sectors are Ecuador, Peru, Laos, Myanmar. Mozambique is only eligible for sustainable fishing projects, European countries are only eligible for rewilding projects, and Madagascar is only eligible for marine biodiversity conservation and sustainable fishing projects. Grants are a maximum of €50 thousand per year for two to four years. The deadline for submission of concept notes (French or English) is 01 February 2022. Link to basic grant criteria


Global Biodiversity Information Facility — Capacity Enhancement Support Program 2022

The Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) welcomes proposals for funding under the 2022 Capacity Enhancement Support Program, which seeks to enhance the long-term capacity of GBIF participants through collaborative projects. The program provides co-funding to current GBIF participants. The maximum funding request is €20 thousand per project. Concept notes must be submitted by 01 February 2022. Capacity Enhancement Support Program


Social Science Research Council — Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa 2022

The Social Science Research Council offers fellowships to support the advancement of social science faculty in Sub-Saharan Africa toward completion of doctoral degrees in topics of peace, security, and development. Past topics have included some related to climate change and land issues. The postdoctoral writing fellowship supports up to six months of completing an article or book manuscript  through a stipend of up to US$3,000. Applicants must be citizens of and reside in a Sub-Saharan African country while holding a current faculty position at an accredited college or university in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, or Uganda. The application deadline is 01 February 2022. Next Generation Africa


New Earth Foundation — Innovative Environmental Initiatives

The New Earth Foundation (NEF) seeks Letter of Inquiries (LOIs) to fund innovative environmental initiatives that are working to help eliminate pollution and to save the planet’s ecosystems, and community projects that create models of social sustainability. Past projects include gardening and building houses in earthquake impacted regions, using solar equipment to provide clean water to poor communities, planting trees for clean air, and many others. NEF only funds 501(c)(3) organizations. Applicants from outside the US may apply through a fiscal sponsor. Letters of Inquiry can be sent at any time during the year. These letters are reviewed twice a year and applicants that fit the requirements will receive the invitation to submit a full grant application. The deadlines for review are 01 February and 01 July each year. More about this opportunity


French Development Agency — Biodiversity Research Program

The French Development Agency (AFD) launches a call for expressions of interest for research on “Scaling up Nature-based Solutions (NbS) and large-scale ecological restoration: Towards changes in agricultural production, land-use and urban development models”. Each research project may request up to a maximum of €225 thousand in funding. Eligible project proponents are universities and research centers, NGOs, private foundations, international research centers and companies (including individual consultants) which will make their research public. The call is open until 04 February 2022. Biodiversity Research Program


Inter-American Development Bank — Urban Challenges in Latin America

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) launches the challenge Cities for All, which seeks to identify urban challenges in Latin American and Caribbean cities. The call focuses on vulnerability and resilience to climate change and natural disasters, among other themes. Three teams will be selected to receive technical assistance of up to $35 thousand, to work on the implementation of a prototype or pilot project. Cities from the IDB’s borrowing member countries in Latin America and the Caribbean are eligible to participate. Applications are open until 06 February 2022. Urban Challenges in Latin America


Bayer Crop Science — Remote Sensing for Smallholder Farms

Bayer Crop Science seeks satellite-based remote sensing technology providers to help make this technology accessible and affordable to smallholder farmers in Asia. The technology must support these farmers in making the cultivation of their fields more efficient and sustainable. The monetary value of the contract will vary depending on the project. Submissions to this challenge must be received by 07 February 2022. Link


David and Lucile Packard Foundation — Agriculture Livelihoods and Conservation Program

The Agriculture, Livelihoods, and Conservation (ALC) grantmaking strategy aims to support tropical forest communities in strengthening resilience and economic opportunities while protecting tropical forests and biodiversity. Therefore, the Packard Foundation invites proposals for projects that aim to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers and forest dependent communities while also conserving forest resources in tropical forest areas. ALC will support new or existing projects, organizations, and coalitions in Brazil, Cambodia, Colombia, Guatemala, Indonesia, Laos, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Peru, and the Philippines. The Packard Foundation will provide between US$200 thousand and US$500 thousand of funding to two or more organizations over a period of two years. Expressions of Interest (EOI) must be received by 07 February 2022. More information


L’OCCITANE Foundation — Biodiversity Conservation through Reforestation and Agroforestry

The L’OCCITANE Foundation funds local organizations and projects that preserve biodiversity through reforestation or agroforestry projects. The project must focus on respecting biodiversity, for example, tree plantations for conservation of threatened varieties, reforestation of degraded ecosystems and/or agroforestry practices. Financial support is limited to €10 thousand, depending on the country. Applicants have to contact the subsidiary of L’OCCITANE located in their country in order to present a project. Subsidiaries must then send the application to the Foundation by 07 February 2022. (Please note that applicants have to present their project to local subsidiaries before this deadline). Know more


Earth Journalism Network — Indigenous Environmental Journalism Story Grants 2022

The Earth Journalism Network (EJN) seeks applications from Indigenous journalists to support the production of in-depth stories that will call attention to climate justice, biodiversity, sustainable ecosystems, Indigenous leadership. EJN welcomes any story ideas that will explore how environmental and climate change issues are linked to the rights and well-being of Indigenous peoples and communities. EJN expects to award 20 grants in total: 10 grants with an average budget of US$1,450, and 10 grants with an average budget of US$1,250. Applicants must self-identify as Indigenous and will be asked to provide details on their Indigenous affiliations in the application. Applicants can be from any country in the world. The application deadline is 07 February 2022. Asia-Pacific Media Grants


Canada Fund for Local Initiatives — Community Projects in Ecuador

The Canada Fund for Local Initiatives supports small-scale, high-impact projects in Ecuador. The priorities under this call include one on environment and climate action focusing on adaptation and mitigation, as well as on water management. The average contribution is C$30 thousand to C$40 thousand per project. Eligibility extends to local community organizations, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions. Expressions of Interest have to be submitted by 08 February 2022. CFLI Ecuador


U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration — Coral Reef Conservation Fund 2022 (US territories)

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) awards grants to address negative impacts to coral reefs to improve coral reef management and conservation. Projects should focus on reducing land-based sources of pollution, advancing coral reef fisheries management, increasing capacity for reef-scale restoration, or increasing the natural recovery and resiliency of coral reef systems. Priority is given to U.S. coral jurisdictions (American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands, Florida, Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands). Applications for projects in international jurisdictions will be accepted by invitation only. NFWF welcomes applications from all persons and organizations (except U.S. federal agencies and for-profit entities) within and outside the USA. Most grants range from US$60 thousand to US$250 thousand for international projects of up to 24 months. The deadline for pre-proposals is 10 February 2022. Coral Reef Conservation Fund


Scientific Exploration Society  — Explorer Awards 2022

The Scientific Exploration Society (SES) makes awards to “pioneers with purpose” who combine innovative field expeditions with important research contributions, including in subject areas related to environment and conservation. The awards are intended to provide a financial contribution to the overall cost of the fieldwork phase of scientific exploration. Grants range from US$4 thousand to US$7 thousand. For 2022, SES announces five award categories. The application deadline for a simple online application (stage 1) is 13 February 2022. Explore


Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund — Conservation in the Caribbean Islands

The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) invites applications for small and large grants to promote biodiversity conservation in Antigua & Barbuda, The Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Saint Lucia, and St Vincent & the Grenadines. Small grants range from US$5 thousand to US$50 thousand; large grants usually reach their maximum at US$250 thousand. Non-governmental organizations, community groups, universities and private enterprises may apply for funding. Individuals must work with civil society organizations to develop applications rather than apply directly. Expressions of interest have to be submitted by 13 February 2022. Details here


Enel Green Power — AI for Protected Vegetation Recognition

Enel Green Power (EGP) seeks to improve the environmental sustainability and biodiversity preservation of its renewable installations. In particular, EGP is looking for artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to be applied during the construction phase of renewable power plants to detect selected tree or other vegetation species that may be of particular importance for the local biodiversity equilibrium. The best innovation will receive an award of US$20 thousand. Submissions must be received by 14 February 2022. Link to the challenge


EKOenergy Climate FundSmall-Scale Renewable Electricity Projects

The EKOenergy Climate Fund calls for project proposals to enhance capacities of local communities to implement renewable energy projects, and to establish renewable electricity installations. The call aims to alleviate energy poverty and social inequality in developing countries. The Fund seeks to support 6-10 solar and wind energy projects with a financial contribution in the range of €10 thousand to €40 thousand. The deadline for submitting concept papers is 15 February 2022. EKOenergy Climate Fund


Wildlife Acoustics — Bio-Acoustics Product Grants

Wildlife Acoustics aims to advance animal biology research, habitat monitoring and environmental conservation through bio-acoustics recording technology. The Wildlife Acoustics Scientific Product Grant Program offers US$4 thousand of product-in-kind grants to biologists, researchers, conservationists, and students who work for charitable, educational, and other tax-exempt organizations. There are no geographical limitations. Applications are evaluated quarterly with deadlines on 15 February, 15 May, 15 August, and 15 November. About the program


European Commission — Zukunftskolleg Konnect Fellowships for Early-Career Researchers

The European Commission, through the Euraxess initiative, offers the Zukunftskolleg Konnect Fellowships to support early-career researchers from Africa, Asia and Latin America. ZUKOnnect aims to extend research networks and environments through on-campus research stays at thirteen departments of the University of Konstanz. Subject areas include ecology, limnology, ecotoxicology, botany, amongst many others. The fellowship offers a stipend of €1,200/month for doctoral students and €2,000/month for postdoctoral researchers, as well as travel expenses and access to resources and events. The deadline for applications is 15 February 2022. ZUKOnnect


EKOenergy — Solar and Wind Energy Projects

EKOenergy seeks project proposals to provide funding for solar and wind energy projects in developing countries. The funding will be made available to renewable electricity projects aimed at alleviating energy poverty. All projects are managed by experienced organizations and are implemented in cooperation with local NGOs. EKOenergy will support 6-10 new projects of €10 thousand to €40 thousand each. The implementing organization must have experience in the field of renewable energy and prove strong involvement of local organizations. The deadline for proposals is 15 February 2022. EKOenergy


New America — Learning Sciences Exchange

The Learning Sciences Exchange (LSX) is a two-year fellowship for mid-career professionals in Europe, North America, Latin America, and Africa. The program’s goal is a better application of the insights emerging from the science of learning for children ages 2 to 12. LSX Fellows will work in teams to develop cross-sector projects that activate change in schools and other learning settings. Eligibility for the fellowship program extends to researchers, journalists, education leaders, entrepreneurs, and entertainment producers with a focus on the science of learning. The deadline is 15 February 2022. Learning Science Exchange


Campus France — Research Cooperation between France and Morocco

Partenariats Hubert Curien (PHC) Toubkal supports research cooperation between France and Morocco. PHC Toubkal finances the mobility of researchers and doctoral students, exchanges between researchers, training initiatives, and innovative joint research proposals. Eligible fields of research include environmental sciences, agronomic and veterinary sciences. The average funding amount is €30 thousand for three years. The closing date for applications is 16 February 2022. PHC Toubkal


European Union — Pilots in the Agri-Food Sector

The European Union seeks to fund a small consortia of 2-3 partners for the deployment of new, high-value pilots in the agri-food sector. These pilots will focus on employing Demeter methodologies and technologies, addressing clear farmer needs, with particular focus on EU geographic regions. Demeter will provide up to €150 thousand equity-free funding per consortia available per successful project. The opportunity is open to consortia composed of two or three small to medium-sized enterprises, higher education establishments, research institutes and other non-profit research entities. The submission of proposals closes 16 February 2022. Know more


A2A Group — Carbon Capture

A2A seeks concept papers to explore CCUS technologies and the potential markets for CO2 products. This challenge is designed specifically for methods that offer solutions to capture and reuse CO2. A2A offers a total of US$20 thousand in award money. Submissions must be received by 17 February 2022. Carbon Capture Challenge


International Development Research Centre — Inclusive Science in the Americas

The International Development Research Centre (IDRC) seeks to strengthen science, technology and innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) by supporting regional collaboration for research. The funding opportunity covers all countries in LAC, with particular emphasis on low- and middle- income countries. The IDRC supports LAC-based organizations, including NGOs, think tanks, universities, public research centers and governmental organizations. Consortia may request up to CA$5 million over 4 or 5 years. The deadline for submitting Expressions of Interests is 18 February 2022. Know more


Global Water Intelligence — Global Water Awards 2022

Nominations are open for the annual Global Water Awards 2022. Global Water Intelligence seeks technologies, plants, projects, and companies that make significant contributions to the development of the water sector. Focus areas include water or wastewater treatment, water conservation and management, ecologically sustainable industry technologies, and commercial solutions, among others. Nominations are open to everyone (including individuals, companies, organizations, or initiatives etc.). Nominations close on 21 February 2022. Find the call


U.S. Mission to Pakistan — Climate Change and Environmental Protection

The U.S. Mission to Pakistan makes grants to establish partnerships between U.S. and Pakistani universities and organizations to build Pakistani capacity to adapt to and mitigate climate change. The U.S. Mission estimates to make three awards between US$200 thousand and US$500 thousand each. The partnerships will facilitate curriculum development, collaborative research, virtual exchanges, sharing of resources, professional development, and exchanges. Eligibility extends to non-profit organizations. The closing date for applications is 22 February 2022. Link


United States Agency for International Development — Small Town Sanitation

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) seeks applications for a cooperative agreement to implement the USAID/Mozambique Small Town Sanitation program. USAID aims to support the development of the WASH sector by implementing multiple activities focused on WASH governance and services in small towns. The applicant should implement activities that increase women’s leadership within the sector. USAID intends to provide US$14,4 million in total funding over a 4 year period. Eligibility for this NOFO is not restricted. The application deadline is 24 February 2022. Link to USAID/Mozambique


CRDF Global — Alternative Energy Research Competition

CRDF Global invites proposals from joint teams of U.S. and Ukrainian researchers for the 2022 US-Ukraine Alternative Energy Research Competition. The competition will support research teams engaged in basic or applied research in the area of photovoltaic, turbine, and biofuel technology. Awards of up to US$80 thousand will be provided for 12 months. All proposals must be submitted no later than 25 February 2022. Alternative Energy Research Competition


Science Park Graz — Startup Idea Competition 2022

The Science Park Graz invites young inventors to submit their business ideas to the Startup Idea Competition in one of six categories, including Energy & Environment. The winners in each category will be invited to the award ceremony in Graz, Austria (April 2022) and receive €2 thousand each. The deadline for idea submission is 28 February 2022. Find the start-up idea competition


Secretariat of the Southern African Development Community — Media Awards

The Secretariat of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) announces the 2022 SADC Media Awards competition in the four categories: Photo, Print, Television and Radio Journalism. The themes of the entries to be submitted for the competition must be on issues and activities promoting Regional Integration in the SADC region, i.e. development, water, culture, agriculture, etc. The first prize winner in each category receives US$2,500 and the runner-up receives US$1000. The Media Awards are open to journalists from the SADC Member States. Completed forms must be submitted by 28 February 2022. SADC Media Awards


IWW Zentrum Wasser —  Mülheim Water Award

The Mülheim Water Award honors practice-oriented research and development projects as well as the implementation of innovative concepts for a secure drinking water supply and water analysis. People or institutions from Europe (geographically defined, not politically) can apply with innovative procedures, products, concepts and new findings with a strong focus on practical use and application within water management. The prize is €10 thousand. Applications can be submitted until 28 February 2022. Mülheim Water Award


March 2022

Neotropical Grassland Conservancy — Conservation Research and Education in Latin America: Equipment and Student Grants

The Neotropical Grassland Conservancy (NGC) provides grants and equipment to students and scientists working in grassland habitats in Latin America. Research grants of one year are open to Latin American researchers affiliated with a university, museum, or conservation organization. Additionally, the NGC offers equipment grants for conservation science, and small grants to Latin American graduate students doing field projects. The NGC describes the amount of funding; eligibility criteria; review process; and application deadlines for each of the three programs. Awards range from US$500 to US$5 thousand. The application deadline for the research (memorial) grants is 01 March. The application deadlines for equipment grants and student grants are 01 April, 01 August, and 01 December. Click here


World Wildlife Fund — Faculty Fellowship 2022

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF), through the Russell E. Train Education for Nature Program (EFN), offers fellowship opportunities to support university faculty members that are affiliated with or currently employed at African, Asian and Latin American universities. The fellowship is offered to enable faculty members to pursue their PhD. Applicants from eligible countries can apply to three years of study, with funding of up to US$30 thousand per year. The application deadline is 01 March 2022. WWF Faculty Fellowship


Heinrich Böll Foundation — University Studies in Germany 2022

The Heinrich Böll Foundation annually funds graduate and doctoral students across all subjects and nationalities for university studies in Germany. Preference is for applicants working in the subject areas of the Foundation such as climate and energy, resource governance, and ecology and green development (among others). The special focus regions for international students are Central and Eastern Europe; EU neighborhood countries and the CIS; the Middle East and North Africa; transition and newly industrialized countries; and conflict regions worldwide. Applicants should be capable in the German language. The deadline for international applications (i.e., from outside Germany) is 01 March and 01 September of each year. Study in Germany


IHE Delft Institute for Water Education — International Master of Science in Environme-ntal Technology and Engineering

IHE Delft welcomes applications from international and EU candidate students seeking admissions to the International Master of Science in Environmental Technology and Engineering (IMETE). The next intake of IMETE students will be in September 2022. Studies will take place in 3 different European countries. The European Union will offer full scholarships on a competitive basis. Applications for Erasmus Mundus Scholarship applications are due 01 March 2022. Link


European Union — COAL Prize 2022

The COAL Prize 2022 focuses on the oceans and ocean sciences for sustainable development. The Prize is open to artists from all over the world. The winner receives €10 thousand to support art work in progress and benefits from an (optional) residence run by the Museum of Hunting and Nature at the Belval Domaine. The application deadline is 01 March 2022. COAL Prize


CRDF Global — Biological Supply Chains

CRDF Global awards grants to selected applicants from Eastern Europe to support training on securing biological supply chains through updated best practices. These grants are a one-time award of up to US$10 thousand. Only applications from Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, and Ukraine are eligible. Applicants may apply individually or as a team. The application deadline is 01 March 2022. Find details


Right Livelihood Award — Annual Nominations 2022

The Right Livelihood Awards are annually made to individuals and organizations offering practical and exemplary answers to the most urgent challenges facing us today. The Award is sometimes referred to as the “Alternative Nobel Prize.” Past laureates include several whose work in issues of environment and natural resources advances social justice and grassroots development in the developing world. Normally, the Foundation makes three cash awards and one honorary award each year. Nominations are invited from anyone worldwide (excluding self-nominations, close relatives, and Foundation staff and jury). The deadline for nominations is 02 March 2022. Nominate


European Commission — STARTS Prize 2022

STARTS Prize is an innovation challenge of the European Commission honoring innovative artistic projects inspired by technology, industry and society. Projects from all fields of technological and scientific research and development that have been inspired by art or involve artists as catalysts of novel thinking are eligible. Artists or researchers from all around the world can participate. Two prizes, each with €20 thousand prize money, are awarded. The submission phase ends 02 March 2022. See this call


Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture — Travel Grants Program

SEARCA provides travel grants to qualified agriculture and agriculture-related professionals, social scientists, or graduate students in Southeast Asia. Applicants can request up to US$1,200 to participate and/or present papers at relevant local or international scientific conferences and fora. Eligibility extends to nationals from Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor-Leste and Vietnam. SEARCA operates on a regular grant schedule with four application deadlines per year. The next application deadlines are 07 March, 07 June, 07 September, and 07 December 2022. SEARCA Travel Grants


World Habitat — World Habitat Awards 2022

The World Habitat Awards (WHA) demonstrate solutions to current housing issues faced by countries worldwide. The WHA takes a broad perspective to include energy, waste management, water conservation, resilience to natural disasters, and other environmental aspects in its definition of habitat. Two winners will each receive £10 thousand. The deadline for applications (English, French, Spanish) is 14 March 2022. Find out how to enter


U.S. Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs — Youth Ambassadors Program 2022

The U.S. Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs seeks applications from U.S. public and private non-profit organizations to deliver the Youth Ambassadors Program 2022. The Youth Ambassadors program supports youth empowerment and development by equipping exchange participants from foreign countries with the knowledge and skills to become active and responsible members of their communities. The program includes a three-week exchange for high school youth (ages 15- 18) focused on social inclusion, entrepreneurship, countering disinformation, and environmental protection. Participants engage in a variety of activities such as workshops, training activities and community site visits. The Bureau intends to award a cooperative agreement for an estimated total amount of US$10,2 million. The closing date for applications is 14 March 2022. Know more


University of California at Berkeley — Food and Farming Journalism Fellowship

The UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism offers ten US$10 thousand postgraduate Food and Farming Journalism Fellowships. The fellowship is aimed at early and mid-career journalists who cover print and audio stories under the rubric of food systems: agricultural policy, food science, rural and urban farming, agriculture and the environment, food and climate change, etc. Preference is given to U.S. focused stories, but UC Berkeley will also consider international stories with a strong U.S. angle or connection. Online applications are due 15 March 2022. Food and Farming Journalism Fellowship


UN Global Compact — SDG Pioneers

UN Global Compact invites nominations and applications to the 2022 SDG Pioneer program. SDG Pioneer celebrates individuals and businesses behind sustainability in global and local markets. UN Global Compact encourages professionals working at any level of a UN Global Compact-participating company who are leveraging a principles-based approach to set ambitious, scalable and impactful Sustainable Development Goal targets to apply. The nomination deadline is 15 March 2022. SDG Pioneers


British Ecological Society — Training & Travel Grants

The British Ecological Society (BES) makes grants to PhD students and postgraduate research assistants to meet the costs of specialist field training courses and to network and publicize their research at workshops and conferences. Applicants must be members of BES. However, there are no restrictions on nationality or residence of applicants. Grants of up to £1 thousand are available. The application deadline is 18 March 2022. Please be aware that Training and Travel Grants are awarded on a first come, first serve basis. Training & Travel grants


British Ecological Society — Research Grants 2022

The British Ecological Society (BES) makes Research Grants in support of scientific ecological research where there are limited alternative sources of funding. Small projects can be awarded up to £5 thousand, and early-career ecologists can apply for funding up to £20 thousand. Applicants must be members of BES. However, there are no restrictions on nationality or residence of applicants, or where they carry out their research. The application deadline is 18 March 2022. More about the Research Grants


British Ecological Society — Outreach Grants 2022

The British Ecological Society (BES) makes Outreach Grants of up to £2 thousand to encourage the promotion of ecological science to a wide audience. Proposals must be aimed at a non-academic audience. Awards are open to individuals and organizations to organize ecological public engagement events, including BES members, researchers, schools, museums, libraries and community groups. Additionally, BES offers up to £1 thousand to members who want to undertake public engagement activities within the UK. The application deadline is 18 March 2022. More about the Outreach Grants


British Ecological Society — Grants for Ecologists in Africa 2022

The British Ecological Society (BES) makes grants for ecologists in Africa to carry out innovative ecological research. Applicants must be scientists and citizens of a country in Africa or its associated islands; have at least an MSc or equivalent degree; be working for a university or research institution in Africa that provides basic research facilities; and carry out the research in a country in Africa or its associated islands. The maximum value of a grant is £8 thousand for research. An additional sum up to £2 thousand may be requested to fund travel to help grantees develop connections with other ecologists outside their usual peer groups. The application deadline is 18 March 2022. More about this opportunity


Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation — Professional Short Courses with Scholarships 2022

The Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation invites participants to apply for new short-term courses in 2022. Wageningen University & Research offers a wide range of online courses to support professionals. Courses have different deadlines and locations. Thematic areas include Climate Change, Water Management, Agriculture, Fisheries, Livestock, and many others. Most courses are open to professionals of government departments, NGOs and civil society organizations, businesses, development agencies, universities and colleges for higher education, and individual consultants. Courses are eligible for scholarships through the Orange Knowledge Program. The deadline to apply for courses is 22 March 2022. Find the course calendar 2022


Iridescent — Technology Entrepreneurship Program for Girls

Technovation invites teams of girls from all over the world to learn and apply the skills needed to solve real-world problems through technology. Girls work with women mentors, find a problem in their community and develop a mobile app to launch a startup. Categories may include environment, poverty, health, and others. Eligibility extends to teams of up to 5 girls (aged 8-18 years). Registration deadline is 25 March 2022. Learn more about the Technovation Competition 


Lutfia Rabbani Foundation — PhD and Master’s Scholarship for the Arab World

The Mahmoud S. Rabbani Fellowship is intended for Arab Students interested in pursuing their education in The Netherlands. A maximum of €15 thousand is awarded for one year. Eligible fields of study include Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery, Environmental Sciences, Natural sciences and others. Arab students who have been accepted into a Masters or a PhD program in the Netherlands and Dutch students who have been accepted into a Masters or a PhD program in the Arab World are eligible to apply. The application deadline is 31 March 2022. Find the Terms & Conditions


Aga Khan Foundation — International Scholarships 2022-2023

The Aga Khan Foundation supports programs in rural development, broadly defined, in a number of developing countries. It provides scholarships and loans for postgraduate studies to outstanding students from the developing world, with priority for masters studies. The Foundation also considers applications for PhD programs in certain circumstances. Applications are invited from the following nationalities: Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Syria, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Madagascar and Mozambique. The Foundation assists students with tuition fees and living expenses only. Please note that half of the scholarship amount is considered as a loan, which must be reimbursed. The application deadline is 31 March 2022, but earlier in some countries (please check the dates carefully). About the Fellowships


World Academy of Sciences — Science Prizes 2022

Every two years, the World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) awards nine prizes of US$15 thousand each to individual scientists who have been working and living in a developing country for at least 10 years. The disciplinary fields include agricultural sciences, biology, and six others. Nominations of women scientists are particularly encouraged. The deadline for nominations is 31 March 2022. TWAS Awards


Tony Elumelu Foundation — Entrepreneurship Program for Africans 2022

The Tony Elumelu Foundation fosters and supports start-up enterprises in Africa. The TEF Entrepreneurship Program provides mentoring, training, forums, seed capital, and alumni support to individuals in Africa proposing new business ideas or early-stage companies in sectors that include agriculture, among others. Participants receive up to US$5 thousand in seed capital. The program is open to citizens and legal residents ages 18 and older in any African country. The next application deadline (English, French, Portuguese) is 31 March 2022. TEF Entrepreneurship Program


UN Environment — International Green Gown Awards

The International Green Gown Awards recognize exceptional climate sustainability initiatives being undertaken by universities and colleges. Students and universities are invited to submit solutions to the climate and environmental crisis. The Awards are open to any university or college across the world. The deadline for applications is 31 March 2022. Know more


April 2022

NextWorldNow Community Investments — Community Grants 2022

NextWorldNow (NWN) is committed to working with community leaders who are solving difficult social problems. This includes social problems related to water, sanitation, deforestation, smallholder productivity, and food security — among other subject areas. Grants are up to US$10 thousand. To apply, community organizations submit a short “Notification of Interest” to register their intent to submit a formal grant application. NWN will screen the initial requests and forward a full application form to selected community organizations. The deadline to submit a Notification of Interest is 01 April 2022. Link


Morris Animal Foundation — Veterinary Student Scholar Program

The Morris Animal Foundation supports research on animal health and welfare, including wildlife/exotics. The Foundation provides veterinary students with the opportunity to become involved in mentored research that advances the health and/or welfare of companion animals and wildlife exotics. The Veterinary Student Scholars program awards stipends up to US$5 thousand to veterinary students. The program is open to currently enrolled veterinary students from all around the world. Applications are due 04 April 2022. Veterinary Student Scholar Program


Latin America Regional Fund for Agricultural Technologies — Call for Proposals 2022

The Latin America Regional Fund for Agricultural Technology Fondo Regional de Tecnología Agropecuaria (FONTAGRO) calls for innovations for the sustainable increase of agricultural productivity in Latin America and the Caribbean in the context of climate change. FONTAGRO member countries are Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panamá, Paraguay, Peru, Spain, Uruguay, and Venezuela. Proposals are accepted from multi-country consortia of public and private organizations at national, regional, and international levels. Grants are up to US$200 thousand for projects of up to 36 months. Projects will require counterpart contributions. The closing date for preliminary applications (Spanish) is 08 April 2022. Convocatoria 2022


Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership — Masters Studies in Sustainable Energy

The Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership comprises many of the world’s largest energy companies in partnership with international organizations, development banks, institutes, and foundations. The program sponsors ESED (Education for Sustainable Energy Development) to support outstanding students from developing countries to pursue masters-level studies directly related to sustainable energy. The support is US$10 thousand per year for up to two years. Applications are invited from any developing country on the list of ODA recipients. The next application deadline is 11 April 2022. About the scholarship


Food 4 Future — Food Tech Innovation Awards

The Food Tech Innovation Awards 2022 recognize innovative business models or technology that can make a change in the food sector. The award has 5 categories: digitalization award for the food and beverage industry; best sustainability project; healthy food; the most innovative food tech startup; and the best automation and robotics solution. The FoodTech Innovation Awards are open to all companies, universities, business schools, researchers, journalists, and start-ups from all over the world. The proposal entry deadline is 14 April 2022. Food Tech Innovation Awards


VivaTech — Sustainability Innovations Challenge

VivaTech seeks unique startups with innovative products, solutions and technologies that demonstrate a concrete and positive innovation for the planet. Solutions must address energy challenges, smart farming, biodiversity & conservation, clean air, or green digital solutions. Selected startups get a chance to be featured in digital showrooms. The application deadline is 15 April 2022. VivaTech Challenge


Rotary Foundation — Masters Studies in Water and Sanitation 2022-23

The Rotary Foundation partners with UNESCO to offer funding for masters studies in water and sanitation. Applicants for Rotary’s support must be provisionally admitted to one of the three participating degree programs at UNESCO’s Institute for Water Education (IHE). Students apply via their local Rotary club or district. Each award is approximately €34 thousand, paid directly to UNESCO-IHE. The deadline for submitting Rotary-scholarship applications is 15 April 2022. Find the Application Process


Amphibian Survival Alliance — Partnerships for Amphibian Conservation

The Amphibian Survival Alliance (ASA) makes grants to evidence-based conservation projects that address key threats to amphibians and raise awareness. Start-up grants of up to US$5 thousand are available to establish new in situ amphibian conservation projects. Emergency grants can be requested in emergency situations, for example, in cases where in situ action is required, such as the emergency rescue of wild populations facing imminent threat of extinction. ASA Conservation Grants are only available to existing ASA partners. Interested organizations must submit project outlines before the deadline on 15 April 2022. Link to Amphibian Survival Alliance


German Government — International Climate Initiative Small Grants

Germany’s International Climate Initiative (IKI) supports projects on climate change mitigation and adaptation, and biodiversity projects that have climate relevance. The focus of the IKI Small Grants scheme is to provide support to the implementation of projects addressing the global loss of biodiversity in connection with climate change. IKI Small Grants selects project proposals and provides funding between €60 thousand and €200 thousand. Not-for-profit organizations and for-profit non-government organizations, if they pursue strictly non-profit objectives, are eligible to apply. The deadline for applications is 15 April 2022. IKI Small Grants


Common Fund for Commodities — Support for Commodity Development

The Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) provides financial and technical instruments to support projects proposed by enterprises, cooperatives and institutions. Funding is targeted mainly to for-profit organizations and social enterprises for production, value chains, and marketing across a wide group of commodities (agricultural crops, tree crops, timber, bamboo and rattan, minerals, and others). Projects need to focus on economic, social and environmental sustainability. Innovative solutions for new agritech applications, access to renewable energy, or expanding environmental services are especially welcome. All interested SMEs, enterprises, cooperatives, and governments must submit proposals no later than 15 April 2022. Common Fund for Commodities


World Academy of Sciences — Prize in Agricultural Sciences or Biology

The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) invites nominations for the Fayzah M. Al-Kharafi Award in Agricultural Sciences or Biology. The prize aims to recognize scientists for their achievements in Agricultural Sciences or Biology. Eligible nominees are female scientists  from scientifically and technologically lagging countries. The prize is a US$4 thousand cash award. Nominations should be submitted electronically before 20 April 2022. Prize in Agricultural Sciences or Biology


World Academy of Sciences — TWAS-Abdool Karim Prize in Biological Sciences

The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) invites nominations for the Abdool Karim Prize in Biological Sciences. The prize aims to recognize scientists for their achievements in Biological Sciences. Eligible nominees are female scientists national of a low-income African country. The prize is a US$5 thousand cash award. Nominations should be submitted electronically before 20 April 2022. Award in Biological Sciences


World Academy of Sciences — Samira Omar Innovation for Sustainability Prize

The Samira Omar Innovation for Sustainability Prize recognizes woman scientists from least-developed countries with scientific achievements in clean and renewable energy; sustainable agriculture and agro-biodiversity; plastic pollution and microplastics, water purification and sanitation, climate change, waste management, biodiversity conservation, and other themes related to sustainability. The winner will receive a cash award of US$4 thousand. Candidates should be working and living in an LDC country for at least two years prior to nomination. The deadline for nominations is 20 April 2022. Innovation for Sustainability Prize


World Academy of Sciences — Young Scientists Award for Frontier Science

The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) recognizes scientific achievements by young scientists living and working in a developing country. The third edition of the TWAS-CAS award will recognize achievements in Earth Sciences. The award is worth US$10 thousand. TWAS invites nominations from science academies, national research councils, universities and scientific institutions. Self nominations will not be considered. Eligible candidates are young scientists (not older than 45 years of age). The deadline for receiving nominations is 20 April 2022. Young Scientists Award


European Commission — Biodiversity in Outermost Regions

The European Commission (EC) announces a call for proposals to finance small grants for biodiversity conservation and restoration action in the EU outermost regions and overseas countries located in the Caribbean, Indian Ocean, Amazon, Pacific, Polar and Subpolar and Micronesian regions. The available overall budget is €32 million. In order to be eligible, the applicants must be legal entities, be established in EU Member States or overseas countries and territories and be active in the areas of nature conservation and climate change. The closing date for applications is 26 April 2022. Details here


Dierenpark Amersfoort Wildlife Fund — Nature Conservation and Species Preservation

The Dierenpark Amersfoort Wildlife Fund supports projects in nature conservation and species preservation around the world. The fund provides financial support for endangered species conservation, research for veterinary medicine or to help shelter animals. Grants usually range from €1.000 to €10 thousand. The board meets two times per year and evaluates applications on a continuous basis. Applications must be submitted before 30 April and 31 August 2022. Wildlife Fund


International Herpetological Symposium — Amphibian and Reptile Conservation

The International Herpetological Symposium (IHS) provides financial assistance to individuals or organizations conducting herpetological research, conservation, and education. Grants are up to US$1,000. Eligibility extends to any individual from the herpetological community from around the world. Students are encouraged to apply. Proposals are due by 30 April of each year. About IHS grants


German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety — Funding for Low-Carbon Development

The NAMA Facility Ambition Initiative supports countries who plan to increase their emissions reduction plans and gear toward a carbon-neutral economy. The German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) provides funding and invites project applications for a combination of technical assistance and climate finance, to enable partner countries to implement their enhanced NDCs. Funding ranges between €5-20 million. The NAMA Facility is open to projects across a range of countries and sectors. The deadline for project outlines (i.e., preliminary proposals) is 30 April 2022. Details


May 2022

World Food Prize Foundation — World Food Prize 2022

The World Food Prize Foundation invites nominations for the annual World Food Prize. The World Food Prize (US$250 thousand) recognizes an individual or individuals who have made outstanding achievements to enhance the world’s food production and its distribution to those most in need. Fields of achievement include soil and land; plant and animal science; food science and technology; rural development; water and the environment; natural resource conservation; poverty elimination; and many others. The deadline for nominations is 01 May 2022. About the World Food Prize


Beit Trust — Support for Community and Conservation Projects in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi

The Beit Trust supports projects for health, education, welfare, and environment in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi. Themes include wildlife conservation. Additionally, the Trust’s interests in community welfare include drinking water and irrigation water. Grants do not normally exceed £50 thousand. Applications should be submitted by the end of May and November each year. About the Beit Trust Grants


June 2022

World Food Prize Foundation — Borlaug Award for Field Research 2022

The World Food Prize Foundation invites nominations for the Norman Borlaug Award for Field Research. The Award (US$10 thousand) recognizes science-based achievement in international agriculture and food production by an individual under the age of 40. The award will honor an individual who is working closely “in the field” with farmers, animal herders, fishers or others in rural communities. The deadline for nominations is 15 June 2022. Norman Borlaug Field Awards


BBVA Foundation — Awards in Frontiers of Knowledge, Nominations 2022

The BBVA Foundation annually makes awards to recognize innovative and fundamental advances in science, culture, and collaboration. Thematic areas include ecology and conservation biology; climate change; and development cooperation (among others). In each prize category, BBVA awards €400 thousand plus a diploma and commemorative artwork. The awards are open to individuals and organizations of any nationality. (Note: Self-nomination is not permitted.) The deadline for nomination is 30 June 2022. Conditions

July 2022

Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust — Grants for Research and Training 2022

The Trust makes grants for education and research in ornamental horticulture, primarily in North America, South America, Central America, the Caribbean, and Australia. Projects may focus on research in ornamental horticulture, creation and maintenance of gardens accessible to the public for educational purposes, educational activities that further ornamental horticulture, and environmentally responsible cultivation of plants which have ornamental horticultural value. Applicants include botanical gardens, arboreta, universities, and other nonprofit charitable organizations. Grants are up to US$25 thousand. The application deadline for Letters of Intent (LOIs) is 15 July 2022. More information


August 2022

Global Biodiversity Information Facility — Ebbe Nielsen Challenge 2022

The GBIF Ebbe Nielsen Challenge is an annual competition that seeks to inspire innovative applications of open-access biodiversity data. In 2022, the Challenge will award a total of €20 thousand for advancements in open science that feature tools and techniques that improve the access, usefulness and quality of open biodiversity data. The Challenge is open worldwide to individuals, teams of individuals, companies and their employees, and governmental agencies and their employees. The closing date for submissions is 14 August 2022. Ebbe Nielsen Challenge


December 2022

GroFin — Funding for Small and Growing Businesses

GroFin funds small and growing businesses in Africa. Grants support start-ups and growing businesses in agriculture, fisheries, energy and water sectors. Small business owners can apply for financing between US$100 thousand and US$1.5 million. Businesses that operate in Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda are eligible to apply. The application deadline is 31 December 2022. Know more


Inquiries and/or Applications Accepted Anytime

P4G — Green Growth and Sustainability

The P4G Partnership Fund provides financial support and targeted assistance to public-private partnerships that implement strategies to achieve the following five Sustainable Development Goals: Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture; Water and Sanitation; Clean Energy; Sustainable Cities; and Sustainable Consumption. Start-up projects may apply for up to US$100 thousand, scale-up projects may apply for up to US$1 million. Projects have to be implemented in a developing country. Eligibility extends to partnerships of at least two non-profit organizations. The 2022 application process is open and rolling. Link to P4G


Anonymous Hope Fund — Funding for Better Lives

The Anonymous Hope Fund provides people in third and second world countries with funding to live better and more successful lives. The Fund makes grants in six areas: Business; Agriculture; Humanitarian assistance; Education Development; Civil Society Organizations; and Financial assistance for individuals. Personal grants range from US$100 to US$3,000. Organizational grants range from US$50 thousand to US$300 thousand. Currently, financial assistance is limited to certain countries in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America. Grants are served on a first come first served basis but not limited to availability. Details


WeObserve — Citizen Science Projects Online Course

WeObserve, funded by Horizon 2020, invites applications to the online course titled Citizen Science Projects: How to make a difference. The course covers many topics related to citizen science including the type of citizen science projects available around the world and how to get involved. You’ll find out how to lead a citizen science project. The course is open to anyone, free to do, and accepts applications on a continuous basis with no deadlines. Find out more


GET.Invest — Finance Catalyst for Renewable Energy Projects

The GET.invest Finance Catalyst supports small- and medium-scale renewable energy projects and businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean, and the Pacific region. The program provides advisory support on project and business plan development, project and business structuring and accessing finance, at no cost. Eligible applicants may be private sector developers, NGOs, universities or research institutions. Applications are available in English only but applicants can request support to overcome language-related issues. The Finance Catalyst operates on various submission rounds all year long. Applications can be submitted anytime. Access


The Pollination Project — Seed Capital for Community Projects Worldwide

The Pollination Project offers seed funding of up to US$1 thousand to compassion-driven individuals, informally organized groups and organizations, and formally registered or incorporated non-profit organizations based anywhere in the world. Topics for projects include education, clean water, afforestation, animal advocacy, and many others. The Pollination Project welcomes applications on a rolling basis. Program Overview


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