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Monthly Update: November 2017

Additions and changes in the Terra Viva Grants Directory for the period 16 October 2017  >  15 November 2017.

SECTION A:  Updates to Application Deadlines

Below we identify the most recently added or changed opportunities which remain relevant (i.e., with calendar deadlines beyond the date of this posting).

November 2017

U.S. Department of State — Small Grants for Young Leaders in Southeast Asia
The Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) is a program of the U.S. government to support bright young leaders ages 18-35 in the ASEAN countries. YSEALI Seeds for the Future is a small grants competition that provides funding of up to $15 thousand for promising young leaders to carry out projects that improve their communities. The four core themes are (1) Civic Engagement, (2) Education, (3) Economic Growth, and (4) Sustainable Development. Eligible participants must be citizens from Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, or Vietnam. The application deadline is 15 November 2017. About the Competition

Stanford University – Summer Fellowships for Future Leaders
The Draper Hills Summer Fellowship on Democracy and Development Program is a three-week academic training program for mid-career practitioners in the fields of democracy, development, and the rule of law. Applicants can be working as policy-makers, academics, legal professionals, social entrepreneurs, business entrepreneurs, and leaders of civil society organization. Participating emerging leaders are expected to use the institutional models and frameworks of the program to promote democratic change in their home countries. Stanford will pay for accommodations, meals, and transportation costs during the duration of the Program. A small travel fund is available for fellows who under no circumstances can support their travel. The application deadline is 15 November 2017. Find the Application Guidelines

Oriental Bird Club — Bird Conservation in Asia
The OBC Conservation Fund makes grants for bird conservation in Asia. Grant-making priorities are projects that benefit globally threatened bird species; that conserve threatened bird habitats; and that are led by Asian residents. Small Conservation Awards are up to £1,500 for projects of 12-18 months, with applications before 31 March of each year. There is a special early deadline on 15 November for projects that have to begin before July. The OBC also considers special and emergency applications at any time. How to apply

Yale University — ISTF Innovation Prize 2018
The Yale chapter of the International Society of Tropical Foresters will award the ISTF 2018 Innovation Prize to outstanding projects that apply a multidisciplinary approach to address sustainable resource use in the tropics. The Prize will honor projects will have created strategic partnerships to address tropical forest use and conservation. The winner receives a cash prize. The deadline for submissions is 17 November 2017. About the contest

Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa — Africa Scholarship 2017
The Gbowee Peace Foundation awards scholarships for postgraduate masters at the University of Dundee (Scotland). Subjects areas include environmental science, energy petroleum and mineral law and policy, and others. The Africa Scholarships are open to female students who are currently Liberian, Nigerian or Ghanaian nationals permanently resident in these countries. The scholarship offers up to £ 20 thousand for tuition and living expenses. Closing date for applications is 17 November 2017. More about this scholarship opportunity

D-Prize — Distributing Solutions to Alleviate Poverty
The D-Prize funds pilot projects that more widely distribute relatively low-cost products and services in the fight against poverty. The current challenges include social enterprises for innovations in specified themes of agriculture; energy; and several other categories. The D-Prize will award up to US$20 thousand to social enterprises that are successful in their pilot phases. Eligibility to compete extends to entrepreneurs anywhere in the world, and of any age or background. Concept notes should be submitted by 19 November 2017 (early deadline); 10 December 2017 (regular deadline); and 31 December 2017 (extension deadline limited to 200 persons who register). More Information

Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas Network — Two New Calls for Proposals
The Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas Network (MedPAN) has launched two new calls for projects to support Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the Mediterranean region. Call #1 is for applicants from Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, and Tunisia in themes of long-term financing and strengthening the communication of MPAs. Call #2 is the regular call for small projects to conserve MPAs, inviting applicants from all Mediterranean countries. The application deadline for Call #1 is 19 November 2017; the deadline for Call #2 is 07 January 2018. View the Calls

UN Environment and Think Beyond Plastic — Marine Plastics Innovation Challenge
UN Environment in collaboration with Think Beyond Plastic invites university students from all over the globe to take part in the 2017 Marine Plastic Innovation Challenge. The challenge seeks solution-oriented engineering, research and communication projects that can help solve the global marine litter problem. The innovation challenge is organized around four themes: (1) Design and Engineering, (2) Communication, (3) Prediction and Recovery, and (4) Economics. The winners will be invited to the Sixth International Marine Debris Conference in San Diego, USA, on 12 – 16 March 2018 and receive professional mentoring. Deadline for submissions is 20 November 2017. More about the challenge

Earth Journalism Network — Biodiversity Media Grants 2018
The Internews Earth Journalism Network (EJN) offers the Biodiversity Media Grant to support journalism networks and media organizations throughout the world in increasing the capacity of media to cover critical issues of conservation and biodiversity. EJN is especially interested in projects that focus on conservation in high-biodiversity regions of the world such as the Amazon, Central Africa, and Southeast Asia. Preference will be given to applications from or affiliated with professional journalists, media organizations, journalism schools, and the like. However, EJN will also consider applications by NGOs or environmental groups looking to build the capacity of journalists to cover conservation issues. The average grant will be about US$10 thousand. The application deadline is 20 November 2017. About the Biodiversity Media Grant

Earth Journalism Network — Biodiversity Story Grants 2018
The Earth Journalism Network is offering reporting grants to support the production of in-depth stories that highlight previously untold threats to global biodiversity, or explore new conservation-based solutions. Preference is for proposals that focus on new topics or stories that have not been widely covered. Eligibility for funding extends to journalists (online, print, television) and other expert media practitioners with a track record of reporting on environmental issues. Most grants will range from US$1 thousand to US$2 thousand, although larger grants can be considered if submitted by media partnerships. The deadline for applications is 20 November 2017. About the Biodiversity Story Grant

UK Government — Sustainable Forestry
The Forest Governance, Markets and Climate (FGMC) programme will provide grants for projects that support governance and market reforms that reduce the illegal use of forest resources. Projects should focus on eliminating illegal logging, promoting legal trade and ensuring the rights and benefits for poor people, local communities and indigenous people who depend on forests for their livelihoods. Geographical focus is South East / East Asia and the Mekong region (Indonesia, Myanmar and China), West Africa (Ghana, Liberia), Congo Basin (Republic of Congo, Cameroon) and Guyana. Eligible organisations are non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and UK-based non-profit organisations. Funding for projects varies from £500 thousand to £1 million. Funding of more than £1 million is available as well. The deadline for submission of concept notes is 21 November 2017. Learn more

Grassroots Justice Prize — Legal Empowerment for Communities
The Grassroots Justice Prize recognizes grassroots institutions across the globe that are working to put the power of law into people’s hands. Three awards, each of US$10 thousand, are available to non-profit organizations, social enterprises, and public institutions that focus on legal empowerment to tackle poverty, injustice, or other social problems. (Note: These problems may include subject areas in the Terra Viva Grants Directory). The deadline to nominate an organization is 10 November 2017; the deadline for applications is 24 November 2017. Link

Conservation Leadership Programme — Wildlife Conservation in the Asia Pacific Region
The Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) supports projects focused on either tree species or non-avian marine species based in seaward habitats. Each selected project will receive $12,500 to conduct projects on target species that are listed as Data Deficient, Vulnerable, Endangered or Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List. Eligibility extends to early-careers conservationists from American Samoa, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Kiribati, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Maldives, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nauru, Nepal, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, and Vietnam. Deadline for applications is 26 November 2017. More about the Future Conservationist Award

WWF in India — Small Grants Innovation Program
WWF-India offers grants up to INR 400 thousand for conservation research or action projects of up to two years. Grants are made to individuals to be utilized primarily for field activities. Priority is for research and conservation aligned with WWF’s program in India. The last date for submission of applications is 30 November 2017 (for the January term) and 30 April 2018 (for the June term). For more information follow the link

MasterCard Foundation — Fund for Rural Prosperity in Africa 2017
MasterCard Foundation aims to support ideas from institutions looking to deliver a financial service, product, or process to smallholder farmers in eligible African countries. Projects may be proposed by a single institution or by a partnership. However, the lead applicant must be a for-profit entity. Examples of applying institutions may include banks; insurance or leasing companies; agribusinesses; IT enterprises; and firms that facilitate increased access to financial services by persons currently excluded from them. Applications should request support of between US$250 thousand and US$2.5 million. The application deadline is 30 November 2017. More information here

December 2017

Hague Academy for Local Governance — Talent Programme 2018
Talent for Governance supports young talents from developing countries by providing knowledge exchange and training. Topics may include management of waste or water, local economic development, climate change, and others. The selected talents follow international training in The Hague and an internship in a Dutch municipality. Applicants must work for a local government (not an NGO or private enterprise). Application deadline is 01 December 2017. Interested?

Overseas Development Institute — Fellowships 2018-20
The Overseas Development Institute (ODI) is an independent think tank on international development and humanitarian issues. The ODI Fellowship Scheme appoints highly qualified postgraduate economists and statisticians through a competitive selection process. The fellowship scheme is open to candidates of all nationalities who have a master’s degree or PhD in economics, statistics or a related field. Suitable specialised qualifications at postgraduate level include agricultural economics, and environmental economics, among others. The total support per fellow amounts to approximately £21 thousand in the first year of the fellowship and £23 thousand in the second year. The deadline for applications is 1 December 2017. About the Fellowship Scheme

Global Sustainability Fellows Program — Fellows 2018
The GSF Program invites applicants to participate in the 2018 curriculum focused on sustainability, systems thinking, and community development. The accepted fellows will receive remote orientation before participating in a multi-week session at the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies in Israel during June-July 2018. Preference will be given to applicants who are entering, currently enrolled, or recently graduated from an accredited graduate-level program. However, the program is open to other highly-skilled individuals with unique life experiences or backgrounds, and it encourages applications from under-represented countries and communities. GSF covers the costs of the program, not including airfare to and from Israel — although some travel scholarships may be available. The application deadline is 04 December 2017. Learn more

Israeli Agency for International Development — Professional Courses in Early 2018
Israel’s Agency for International Development (MASHAV) offers professional short courses in Israel in subject areas that include agriculture, energy, health, education, and social development. MASHAV offers a limited number of scholarships to cover course fees, accommodation, medical insurance, and other expenses in Israel. Courses offered in English during the first few months of 2018 include (i) Intensive Vegetable Production (apply before 08 December 2017); (ii) The Role of Water and Nutrients in Agricultural Productivity and Resource Conservation (apply before 07 January 2018); and others. Additionally, MASHAV offers professional courses in Spanish, French, and Russian languages. Applications are submitted through Israel’s diplomatic missions. Click here for more information

Irish Aid — Fellowship Training Programme 2018-2019
Irish Aid offers scholarships to qualified candidates from developing countries to undertake Masters degrees at universities and colleges in Ireland. Awards are made in the fields development studies, rural development, biodiversity conservation, and many other subject areas relevant to the Terra Viva Grants Directory. The scholarship covers course fees, flights, accommodation, monthly allowances, insurance and other incidental expenses. Eligible countries are Cambodia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Mozambique, Myanmar, Palestine, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda, Vietnam, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. The deadline for applications is 08 December 2017. Application Information

Belgium’s University Commission for Development — Student Micro-Projects 2018
The student micro-project program offers students in the Wallonia region of Belgium the opportunity to set up a project in partnership with students from a developing country. Topic areas may include water resources, female empowerment, and several others. The ARES program offers financial support of up to € 15 thousand per micro-project. The deadline for applications is 08 December 2017. Link

Belgium’s University Commission for Development — Student Outreach Projects 2018
The student outreach program offers students in the Wallonia region of Belgium the opportunity to raise awareness and organize activities related to development aid issues. The ARES program offers financial support between € 1,500 – 4,500 per outreach project. Past projects include the organization of an ‘awareness day around the theme of agribusiness’ and a ‘sensitization day for graduates on socio-environmental conflicts and management of natural resources in Peru’. The deadline for applications is 08 December 2017. Link

INOMICS — Conference Grant Contest 2017
INOMICS makes grants to students and researchers to attend conferences. The grant is $500 to young researchers to travel to an academic conference of their choice. Eligible conferences for the Contest is any event posted on (most of which are business related but useful for some fields and categories of the Terra Viva Grants Directory, e.g. economic development). Eligibility extends to residents of all countries around the world. The contest period ends on 10 December 2017. Take part

Water Joint Programming Initiative — Water Resource Management
The Water JPI aims to enable transnational, collaborative research, development and innovation projects addressing questions relating to water challenges. Proposals are invited on the topic “Water resource management in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals”. Only proposals submitted by transnational consortia will be eligible (each consortium must be composed of at least a minimum of three eligible partners from three different countries). Eligibility extends to universities, public research institutions, private non-profit organisations, and private companies. The requested budget per proposal must not exceed € 1.5 million. Deadline for applications is 11 December 2017. Call Announcement

German Federal Ministry of Education and Research — International Disaster and Risk Management
The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) announces the IKARIM – Call for Proposals. The IKARIM grant aims to jointly develop and implement innovative and application-oriented solutions in the fields of disaster prevention, disaster management and restoration in order to strengthen the resilience of the partnering countries against natural and technical risks. International co-operations with selected African and Asian countries are an essential part of this call. Focus countries are Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Cameroon, Madagascar, South Africa, Tunisia, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, and Vietnam. The maximum support per project is €60 thousand. Applications have to be submitted until 15 December 2017. Find the Call for Proposals

Global Thinkers Forum — Mentoring Program 2018
The Global Thinkers Forum brings together a diverse network of thought leaders to share their visions of the future, create meaningful conversations around them, and effect positive change in the world. The program consists of a 10-month mentoring cycle that includes one-on-one sessions between experienced thought leaders with individuals aged between 18 – 29 from all over the world. The program’s mentors are successful individuals across several professional fields and countries. The application deadline is 15 December 2017. Become a Global Thinkers Mentee

Smithsonian Institution — MarineGEO Postdoctoral Fellowship 2018
The Smithsonian’s Tennenbaum Marine Observatories Network invites proposals for postdoctoral fellowships that will advance the goals of the Marine Global Earth Observatory (MarineGEO). MarineGEO focuses on global-scale, long-term study of coastal biodiversity and ecosystems. Current sites in the network are located in the USA, Canada, Australia, Portugal, China, Belize, and Panama. Postdoctoral scientists must collaborate directly with two or more Smithsonian scientists as named sponsors. The deadline for submissions is 15 December 2017. Access the Call for Proposals

United Nations Women’s Guild Vienna — Children’s Charity 2018
The United Nations Women’s Guild annually makes grants to registered charities in support of projects in education and health that benefit disadvantaged children around the world. Past projects include many focusing on clean drinking water in communities and schools. The maximum grant is €10 thousand. Applications are accepted in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Russian, and Spanish. The application deadline is 15 December 2017. Link

International Foundation for Science — Research Grants for Individuals
The International Foundation for Science invites early-career scientists in eligible developing countries to apply for the IFS Individual Research Grants. Themes of the call are: (i) Biological resources in terrestrial systems; (ii) Water and aquatic resources; and (iii) Food security, dietary diversity, and healthy livelihoods. Eligibility for funding extends to researchers in low and lower-middle income countries (IFS provides a list). Applicants must be attached to a national research institute or a university. Grants are up to US$12 thousand for projects of one to three years. The next deadline for applications (English, French) is 31 December 2017. Visit the website for guidelines.

January 2018

Commonwealth Foundation — Grants for Civil Society in Commonwealth Countries
The Commonwealth Foundation makes grants to civil society organizations in Commonwealth countries to support participatory governance. (Note: This could include participatory governance related to the management of forests, wildlife, water supplies, and other subjects in natural resources and environment.) The maximum grant is £50 thousand per year (for a maximum of four years). A list of eligible countries is included in the call. The deadline is 03 January 2018. Find the Call for Proposals

World Wide Fund For Nature — Prince Bernhard Scholarships for Nature Conservation 2018
WWF supports professional training and formal studies of individuals working in disciplines directly relevant to nature conservation. Eligibility extends to mid-career nationals from Africa; Asia and Pacific; Latin America and Caribbean; Eastern Europe; and the Middle East. The maximum grant is CHF 10 thousand for studies or training lasting one year or less. The deadline for applications (English, French, Spanish) is 01 January 2018. About the scholarships

MIT Center for Collective Intelligence — Climate CoLab: Synergistic Solutions for Sustainable Development
The MIT Climate CoLab organizes contests to solicit the world’s best ideas to prevent and adapt to climate change. This contest asks participants to combine real-world proposals and share how they can achieve multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Participants may select and combine existing proposals on the Climate CoLab platform to develop new integrated proposals for achieving multiple SDGs. The winner will be invited to attend the official launch event for the upcoming Global Environment Outlook assessment (GEO-6) during the Fourth UN Environment Assembly in March 2019 in Nairobi, Kenya (all expenses paid). Deadline for applications is 07 January 2018. More about the contest

University of Oxford — Postgraduate Scholarships 2018/2019
The Oxford-Weidenfeld and Hoffmann Scholarships and Leadership Programme aims to support outstanding postgraduate students from developing and emerging economies for post-graduate studies at the University of Oxford. Relevant areas of study include: development areas, politics; health care; environmental and water management; and economic, public, and foreign policy. Each scholarship pays for 100% of university and college fees, plus living costs. The closing date for applications is 08 January 2018 or 19 January 2018, depending on the course. Link

Paul M. Angell Family Foundation — Marine and Ocean Conservation 2018
The Paul M. Angell Family Foundation makes grants in thematic areas that include marine and ocean conservation. The Foundation is interested in marine protected areas; sustainable fisheries; conserving sharks and rays; conservation of coral reefs; and limiting plastics pollution. Eligibility extends to U.S. nonprofit organizations that have 501(c)3 registration. The deadlines for letters of inquiry in 2018 are 08 January 2018 and 25 June 2018. Know more

National Geographic Society — Buffett Awards for Conservation Leadership in Africa and Latin America 2018
The National Geographic Society, in partnership with the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, welcomes nominations for the 2018 Buffett Awards for Leadership in Conservation. There is one annual award for Africa, and another for Latin America. The awards honor the achievements of conservation leaders in these two regions, and support their ongoing work with grants of US$25 thousand. The deadline for nominations is 08 January 2018. About the Award

African Innovation Fund — Innovation Prize for Africa 2018
The Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) honors and encourages innovative achievements that contribute toward developing new products, increasing efficiency, or saving cost in Africa. Priority areas for the IPA include agriculture and agribusiness; environment, energy, and water; and others. The competition is open to African entrepreneurs, academics, and inventors — and to Africans in the Diaspora if their innovations are of significance for Africa. Prizes are US$100 thousand for the winner, plus two other prizes of US$25 thousand each. Additionally, finalists will receive a voucher for US$5 thousand in post-prize technical support to assist in moving their innovations to the next step. The deadline for applications is 10 January 2018. Link

Scientific Exploration Society — Explorer Awards 2018
The SES makes awards to “pioneers with purpose” who combine innovative field expeditions with important research contributions, including in subject areas related to environment and conservation. The awards are intended to provide a financial contribution to the overall cost of the fieldwork phase of scientific exploration. For 2018, the SES announces six award categories. The application deadline is 12 January 2018. Explore

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens — Botany in Action Fellowships 2018
The Botany in Action (BIA) Fellowship program at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens fosters the development of the next generation of plant-based scientists. Subject areas include ethnobotany, plant diversity and conservation, landscape and brownfield restoration, and others. The program is open to Ph.D. students of any nationality who are conducting plant-based scientific research at U.S. graduate institutions. Grants are US$5 thousand for research-related expenses at sites in the U.S. or internationally, plus an all-expenses paid trip to Phipps to make a public presentation. Among others, the research priorities for 2018 include ethnobotany and/or plant-based conservation in Cuba or surrounding islands. The application deadline is 12 January 2018. Find out how to apply

Weeden Foundation — Protecting Biodiversity in Chile and Russia
The Weeden Foundation makes grants for biodiversity conservation in forest ecosystems, riparian corridors, and riverine and aquatic environments of ecological importance. Weeden’s international priorities are the Patagonia region of Chile, and the Altai Republic of Russia. The average grant size is US$20 thousand. The Foundation requires new applicants (not current grantees) to submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) via email at least one month before proposal deadlines. The next deadline for applications (English, Spanish) is 12 January 2018. (Note: Due to reduced funding, priority is given to returning grant recipients.) Link

Association of Field Ornithologists — Bergstrom Grants for Avian Research in the Americas
The Association of Field Ornithologists (AFO) is dedicated to the scientific study and dissemination of information about birds in their natural habitats. The Alexander Bergstrom Memorial Research Awards support avian research in the U.S./Canada and Latin America. Grants are up to US$1,500. Applicants and/or their primary research supervisors must be members of the AFO. Application deadlines are 15 January for USA/Canada, and 15 July for Latin America. See the grant opportunity

European Commission Erasmus Mundus — International Masters Degree in Environment
MESPOM is a two-year Erasmus Mundus masters course in environmental sciences, policy, and management operated by four European and two North American universities, and supported by the EC. MESPOM invites applications from all countries. MESPOM aims to prepare students for identifying and implementing solutions to complex environmental sustainability challenges, especially in an international context. MESPOM graduates receive MSc degrees from the Central European University, Lund University, and the University of Manchester. Candidates applying for financial aid should submit their applications before 15 January 2018. About MESPOM

Interreg Baltic Sea Region — Sustainable Baltic Sea
Interreg Baltic Sea Region financially supports transnational projects contributing to the development of a more sustainable Baltic Sea region. The third call for project applications focusses on three thematic fields: (1) capacity for innovation; (2) management of natural resources; and (3) sustainable transport. The Programme area covers eight EU Member States (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, parts of Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden) and three partner countries (Belarus, Norway and parts of Russia). There is a total of €18.5 million of funding available for natural resources projects. Project ideas have to be submitted by 15 January 2018. Know more

German Federal Environmental Foundation — Scholarships for International Researchers 2018
The German Federal Environmental Foundation offers 60 scholarships to young scientists and doctoral students for carrying out a research programme in the field of environmental protection at German universities. International and German researchers are eligible to apply. Applications must be submitted in German, therefore, candidates must have good knowledge of German. Support is granted for max. 36 month with monthly basic support of € 1.500, plus material. The application deadline is 15 January 2018. More about the scholarship.

Royal Geographical Society — Awards 2018 with Deadlines in January-February
The RGS-IBG offers a number of grants for graduate and post-graduate geography research in an international context. Grants range from £250 to £30 thousand. Many awards are restricted to nationals of the UK and EU, and/or students at UK universities. The application deadline for the Small Research Grants, Henrietta Hutton Research Grants, Monica Cole Research Grants, and Frederick Soddy Postgraduate Award is 18 January. The Geographical Fieldwork Grants have a deadline on 31 January. The Slawson Awards, and Environment and Sustainability Research Grants have an application deadline on 22 February. View all grant opportunities

American Ornithological Society — Student and PostDoctoral Research
The AOS provides awards for student and postdoctoral research in various areas of avian biology. Applicants must be members of AOS. Latin American students are particularly encouraged to apply for the Alexander Wetmore Memorial Research Award for research in avian systematics, paleo-ornithology, biogeography, and especially neotropical biology. Other AOS grant programs may also be of international relevance. The deadline for applications is 26 January 2018. Link

São Paulo Research Foundation — International Research Collaboration, 4th Edition
The São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) offers seed funding to support the exchange of researchers under the program “São Paulo Researchers in International Collaboration” (SPRINT). FAPESP collaborates with selected partner research organizations in Canada, Iran, the USA, Australia, and Chile. The fields of joint research interest include environment, energy, and others — varying with each partnership. FAPESP also considers proposals from institutions that do not currently have an agreement with FAPESP if these institutions can present matching funds. The deadline for proposals is 29 January 2018. Learn more about SPRINT

Patagonia — Environmental Grants
Patagonia makes grants to support nonprofit organizations for campaigns to preserve and protect the environment. Eligible countries are Canada, Chile, Argentina, Japan, Korea, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic. One of Patagonia’s grant-making priorities is protecting and restoring native fish populations and the habitat on which they depend. Most grants range from US$5,000 to US$20,000. Proposals are submitted through Patagonia’s retail stores at any time of the year, or online before 31 January 2018 or 31 August 2018 — varying by country and region. International grant opportunities

Ornithological Society of the Middle East — Bird Conservation and Research
The OSME’s Conservation and Research Fund makes grants to support bird research in the Middle East, Caucasus, and Central Asia. The Fund supports projects benefiting species and habitats, especially Globally Threatened and Near Threatened birds, and sites important for bird conservation (Important Bird Areas) in the OSME region. Grants average about £1 thousand to £2 thousand. The submission deadlines are 31 January; 31 May; and 30 September of each year. Know more

Dalai Lama Fellows — Mentorship for Emerging Leaders
The Dalai Lama Fellowship 2018 offers emerging leaders from all around the world mentorship and coaching to design and implement their own original field project addressing a global challenge. Project areas include environmental sustainability, among others. This program is focused on next-generation leaders (born between 1980-1995) who are enrolled in undergraduate and graduate schools (list of eligible schools can be found in the announcement). Deadline for applications is 31 January 2018. Find more information

Ocean Park Conservation Foundation — Wildlife Conservation in Asia 2018-2019
The Ocean Park Conservation Foundation solicits projects on threatened animal species in Asia. The Foundation supports conservation research and management, as well as community education and capacity building. Priority will be given to projects from eastern, southern, and Southeast Asia. Coastal countries connected to Asia, where funding is limited and with threatened wide-ranging Asian species, are included. The majority of projects are for one year, but the Foundation will also consider multi-year projects if they show promise of clear conservation outcomes. The application deadline is 31 January 2018. Link

February 2018

Association of Avian Veterinarians — Student Externship Scholarship 2018
The AAV makes grants to veterinary students entering their clinical year who intend to complete an externship at a veterinary facility that evaluates at least 10 avian cases per week. Grants are up to $150/week for up to 4 weeks ($600 US). There are no restrictions on nationality or country of residence. The deadline for pre-proposals is 01 February 2018. About the Opportunity

University of Antwerp — Masters Program in Development Studies 2018-2019
The University of Antwerp’s Institute of Development Policy and Management (IOB) offers three specializations for one-year masters programs in development studies. Topics include poverty, climate change, conflict, good governance, sustainable development, and others. The Flemish Inter-University Council (VLIR-UOS) awards scholarships to students from many countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America for studies at Belgian universities that include Antwerp’s IOB. For applicants applying for both academic admission and a VLIR-UOS or Master Mind scholarship, the deadline is 01 February 2018. Link

Wilson Ornithological Society — Research Grants 2018
The WOS offers four types of research awards to fund avian research anywhere in the world. Eligibility is open to citizens of all countries. Grants range from US$1,000 to US$2,500 — varying with each award program. Membership in WOS is required. The next application deadline is 01 February 2018. View the research grants

European Commission (Horizon 2020) — Sustainable Food Security 2018
The Horizon 2020 program of research and innovation includes topics that are suitable for international cooperation. This includes cooperation in several projects of sustainable food security (SFS). Topic SFS-01-2018-2019-2020 will explore biodiversity in action: across farmland and the value chain, Topic SFS-04-2019-2020 will focus on integrated health approaches and alternatives to pesticide use, Topic SFS-05-2018-2019-2020 will explore new and emerging risks to plant health, Topic SFS-06-2018-2020 will focus on stepping up integrated pest management, Topic SFS-08-2018-2019 seeks to improve animal welfare, and Topic SFS-11-2018-2019 will focus on anti-microbials and animal production, among many others. Eligibility for funding in most topics extends to EU countries, Horizon 2020 associated countries, and over 100 mainly developing countries. The application deadline is 13 February 2018. About the Work Program 2018-2020

Action for Nature — International Young Eco-Hero Awards 2018
This program honors the work of young people between the ages of 8 and 16 who have completed successful projects in environmental advocacy, environmental health, research, or protection of the natural world. The selected individuals are awarded a cash prize and certificate, as well as public recognition. The annual competition is open internationally. The application deadline is 28 February 2018. Become an Eco-Hero

U.S. National Science Foundation — Dimensions of Biodiversity 2018
The goal of Dimensions of Biodiversity is to promote novel and integrated approaches to understand the evolutionary and ecological significance of biodiversity. The program currently focuses on the integration of genetic, taxonomic, and functional dimensions of biodiversity. It includes international partnerships with research organizations in Brazil, China, and South Africa. The deadline for proposals is 28 February 2018. Link

African Bird Club — Conservation Awards and Expedition Awards
The ABC Conservation Awards (up to £2 thousand) support small and medium-sized bird conservation projects in Africa. Applicants should normally be resident in Africa. The ABC Expedition Awards (up to £3 thousand) take place within continental Africa or adjacent islands, with a strong base in conservation and birds. Applications are reviewed multiple times a year, with deadlines at the end of February, June, and October. More

Monsanto Fund — Grants to Strengthen Farming Communities
The Monsanto Fund makes grants to strengthen agricultural communities in several countries around the world. Grants of US$25 thousand and more are available to tax-exempt charitable organizations for activities and projects that address farmers’ education and training; food security; community water and sanitation; and other local needs. Monsanto’s international grants are administered at the country level. Calls of proposals will be published on the Fund’s website. Link

March 2018

Belgian Royal Academy for Overseas Sciences — Research Competitions 2018 and 2019
Each year, the Belgian Royal Academy for Overseas Sciences sponsors a competition to stimulate high-quality research regarding problems inherent in the developing world. The questions for 2018 include one on the use of remotely-sensed data for assessing the water cycle in developing countries. The questions for 2019 include one on the impact of urbanization, agricultural, and/or industrial development on natural ecosystems in tropical countries, and another on the technical, scientific or economic implication of emerging countries to the collecting and recycling of residues containing metals. Each award-winning work is granted a prize of €2,500. The deadline for the 2018 competition is 01 March 2018; the deadline for the 2019 competition is 01 March 2019. Link

Institute of Current World Affairs — Fellowship Program 2018
The ICWA makes grants to support Fellows who carry out self-designed independent studies for a minimum of two years in the developing world. U.S. citizenship is not a requirement, but candidates must show strong and credible ties to U.S. society. Candidates may seek fellowships in any developing country. Among the fellowship categories, the “John Miller Musser Memorial Forest and Society” fellowships offer people with graduate degrees in forestry or forest-related specialties an opportunity to broaden their understanding of the relationship of forest-resource problems to humans, including policy-makers, environmentalists, farmers, scientists, and forest-product industrialists. The next deadline for letters of interest is 01 March 2018. Find out more

International Primatological Society — Primate Conservation, Research, and Education
IPS makes grants to support primate conservation in the field; primate care in captivity; conservation education; and conservation training. Applicants for the Southwick Award (conservation education) and the Galante Award (training) must be residents of habitat countries. Grants range from US$1,000 to US$2,500. The annual deadline for applications in all categories is 01 March of each year. Link

Right Livelihood Award — Annual Nominations
The Right Livelihood Awards are annually made to individuals and organizations offering practical and exemplary answers to the most urgent challenges facing us today. The Award is sometimes referred to as the “Alternative Nobel Prize.” Past laureates include several whose work in issues of environment and natural resources advances social justice and grassroots development in the developing world. Normally, the Foundation makes three cash awards and one honorary award each year. Nominations are invited from anyone worldwide (excluding self-nominations, close relatives, and Foundation staff and jury). The deadline for proposals is 01 March of each year. Nominate

Tony Elumelu Foundation — Entrepreneurship Program for Africans 2018
The TEF Program fosters and supports start-up enterprises in Africa. TEF combines mentoring, training, forums, seed capital, and alumni support to individuals in Africa proposing new business ideas or early-stage companies in sectors that include agriculture, among others. The program is open to citizens and legal residents ages 18 and older in any African country. The next application deadline (English, French, Portuguese) is 01 March 2018. Learn More

Waterloo Foundation — Environment Fund: Marine
The Waterloo Foundation manages an Environment Fund that supports projects to manage and conserve marine resources. Applications are invited from UK charities in partnerships with local organizations in the developing world, and from non-UK organizations that can provide suitable references in the UK. The majority of grants range from £50 thousand to £100 thousand for projects of up to three years. Application deadlines are 01 March and 01 September 2018. About the Fund

American Society of Mammalogy — Research in Latin America
The ASM offers the Latin American Student Field Research award for field projects by Latin American graduate students. Each of five grant recipients receives US$1,500. The ASM also offers the Oliver P. Pearson Award to young professional mammalogists of any nationality who hold academic or curatorial positions in Latin America. The Pearson research grant is US$5,000 plus a travel grant of US$2,000 to attend the ASM annual meeting following the award. The application deadline for both types of awards is 01 March 2018. More about the Field Research Awards

Royal Society of Biology — Travel Grants for Members
The Royal Society of Biology is the leading professional body for the biological sciences in the UK, representing approximately 14,000 biologists and over 90 organisations. Each year, the Society offers twenty grants of £500 to members for overseas travel in connection with biological study, teaching, or research. The next application deadline is 01 November 2017 through 01 March 2018. Know more

World Wildlife Fund — Educational Fellowships 2018
The World Wildlife Fund (WWF-U.S.), through its Education for Nature program, offers special grants to build capacity for conservation leadership in the Galapagos. The Russell E. Train Fellowships provide support for conservationists in the Galapagos to pursue graduate-level study anywhere in the world with the goal of advancing conservation in the Galapagos Islands. To build local capacity in Asia, Africa and Latin America, EFN is also offering fellowships to current and aspiring faculty members to enable them to pursue their PhD. Applicants may request up to US$30 thousand per year for up to two years. The application deadline is 01 March 2018. More information

Ben Gurion University of the Negev — Postdoctoral Desert Research in Israel 2018-2019
Candidates who are interested in conducting postdoctoral research at the Jacob Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research in Israel are invited to apply for fellowships. Research topics include desert ecology, solar energy, environmental physics, architecture and urban planning, rainfed and irrigated agriculture, hydrology, aquaculture, environmental microbiology, desalination and water treatment, and biotechnology. Candidates should first select a topic of interest and identify a prospective supervisor. Applications are open worldwide. The application deadline is 04 March 2018. Find the Postdoctoral Fellowships

Ghent University — PhD Scholarships 2018
Ghent University grants PhD scholarships to promising PhD students from developing countries who wish to carry out half of their PhD research at Ghent University in Belgium. Before applying each student needs to find a professor from Ghent University who is willing to act as their supervisor. Supported thematic areas include biology, veterinary medicine, agricultural economics, water managements, and many others (a complete list of faculties and research topics is provided). The deadline for applications is 06 March 2018. More about the opportunity

Iridescent — Technology Entrepreneurship Program for Girls
Technovation invites teams of girls from all over the world to learn and apply the skills needed to solve real-world problems through technology. Girls work with women mentors, find a problem in their community and develop a mobile app to launch a startup. Categories may include environment, poverty, health, and others. Eligibility extends to teams of up to 5 girls (aged 10-18 years). Registration deadline is 07 March 2018. Learn more about the Technovation Competition

World Academy of Sciences — African Research Cooperation with Germany
Through the TWAS-DFG Cooperation Visits, post-doctoral researchers in Sub-Saharan Africa make cooperation visits to institutes in Germany. The visits are limited to three months, with the aim of promoting longer-term collaboration. Preference is for young PhD-level scientists, particularly women. The next application deadline is 31 March 2018. Link

Asian Institute of Technology — Masters Scholarships in Energy and Environment
The Asian Institute of Technology invites applications for the Loom Nam Khong Pijai Scholarships for masters degree programs in infrastructure development; energy technology; oil, gas, and natural resources development; and environmental engineering and management. Eligibility extends to nationals of Thailand, Myanmar, Lao PDR, Cambodia, Vietnam and China (Yunnan and Guangxi Provinces). Each scholarship covers tuition and registration fees, accommodation, and a bursary for living expenses at AIT‘s residential campus in Thailand for the 22 months of the masters program. The application deadline is 31 March 2018. Find out more

Mitsubishi Corporation Foundation for the Americas — Grants for Environmental Conservation
The Mitsubishi Corporation Foundation for the Americas (MCFA) makes grants to non-profit charitable organizations in Canada, the USA, and Latin America for biodiversity conservation, sustainable development, environmental justice, and environmental education. Most recent grants are for two to four years, ranging in amount from under US$30 thousand up to US$1 million. The ideal timing for submitting proposals is during the first quarter of the calendar year. Link

International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology — Research Fellowships 2018
The Arturo Falaschi Fellowships Program offers long and short-term fellowships to assist in the training of scientists from ICGEB’s member states, including many developing countries. The fellowships are for research at collaborating universities in Trieste, New Delhi, and Cape Town. For doctoral fellowships, the application deadline is 31 March 2018. For post-doctoral fellowships, the deadlines are 31 March and 30 September 2018. More about the Fellowships

After March 2018

Australian Government — Australia Awards Scholarships for Asia-Pacific Countries 2018-2019
The Australian government contributes to the education of talented individuals in the developing countries through its scholarship programs. Subject areas for study correspond to priorities of Australia’s aid programs by regions and countries — and include agriculture, energy, natural resources, and environment. The application period for the 2018-2019 scholarships in most Asian-Pacific countries is 01 February 2018 through 30 April 2018. Link

International Plant Nutrition Institute — Scholar Awards for Agricultural Graduate Students 2018
The IPNI Scholar Awards are open to applicants who are graduate students attending a degree-granting institution located in any country with an IPNI program. Applicants in Africa can apply if their research connects with international programs, even if their countries are not in IPNI (see the special criteria for Africans). Awards of US$2 thousand are available to students in the disciplines of agronomy, horticulture, ecology, soil fertility, soil chemistry, crop physiology, and other areas related to plant nutrition. The deadline for applications is 01 May 2018. More

U.S. Agency for International Development — Food Security and Development
The United States Agency for International Development invites applications for funding from organizations that develop innovative technologies, data and methods that can help to better understand food security and development problems. Successful applicants are expected to carry out activities that develop, test or apply innovative methods for monitoring or evaluating Feed the Future/Global Food Security Strategy activities or programs. Funding is up to $1 million per project over a three-year period. Eligibility extends to U.S. and non-U.S., non-profit or for-profit non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and international organizations. Closing date for applications is 12 October 2018. For more information, please visit

Rainforest Alliance — Kleinhans Fellowship for Research in Community Forestry
The Rainforest Alliance is interested in helping communities and small- and medium-sized enterprises to harvest and manufacture forest and non-timber forest products in a sustainable manner, and market these goods to responsible businesses and consumers. The Kleinhans Fellowship provides US$20 thousand over two years for research on this topic in Latin America, with preference for sites where Rainforest Alliance currently supports community forestry. Applicants must have at least a master’s degree in forestry, ecology, botany, environmental science, or an appropriate related field. The next deadline for applications is 28 February 2019. Know more

Inquiries and/or Applications Accepted Anytime

Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation — Start-up Support for Social Enterprises
The Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation supports early stage, high impact social enterprises and seeks projects and innovations that dramatically improve the lives of people and the world. Eligibility extends to non profit, for profit and hybrid organizations in the early stages of their development that have scaling potential. The DRK investments are distributed twice a year over a three-year term, totaling $300 thousand. The Foundation has a rolling online application process throughout the year; there is no deadline. Applications are accepted through an online form

Sumatra Orangutan Society — Rapid Response Grants for Leuser Ecosystem
SOS has launched the Leuser Ecosystem Action Fund (LEAF). The LEAF will invest in conservation strategies to secure the long-term preservation of this ecosystem, from frontline wildlife and landscape protection and restoration, to legal advocacy and sustainable development initiatives. The two priority thematic areas are (i) practical and pioneering wildlife and landscape protection and restoration measures, and (ii) promoting economic activity in the Leuser landscape which is compatible with conservation. The LEAF Rapid Response Fund will fund small grants up to £15 thousand per grant to eligible Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Community Based Organizations (CBOs). Proposals are considered on a rolling basis. See the grant opportunity

South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics — Research on Environment in South Asia
The South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics (SANDEE) is a regional network that provides research support to South Asian researchers and institutions interested in the inter-connections among development, natural resource use, and the environment. SANDEE invites concept notes for research on policies and instruments for greener development; ecosystems management; and economics of climate change. Selected concept notes will lead to an invitation to submit full research proposals. Most grants are likely to range from US$20 thousand to US$40 thousand over a one to two-year period. Proposals are accepted on an ongoing basis. Access more information

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations — FLEGT Direct Assistance Grants
The EU’s Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Action Plan includes grants of technical assistance to benefit government institutions and private-sector organizations. Projects need to address the identified themes in FLEGT. Currently, requests can be submitted from entities in VPA countries and non-VPA countries. The VPA countries are Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Ghana, Liberia, Republic of the Congo, Indonesia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Viet Nam, Guyana, and Honduras. Grants are up to €50 thousand. Applications (English, French, Spanish) can be submitted at any time. More about FLEGT

Fruit Tree Planting Foundation — Assistance for Fruit Orchards
FTPF offers planting materials and technical assistance to establish fruit orchards that will be used for charitable purposes. Applicants must be nonprofit organizations, public or nonprofit schools, or government entities serving a charitable purpose. Most programs are implemented in the USA. However, FTPF will also consider international projects. Applications are accepted continuously. Plant fruit trees

Gadfly Project — Software for Natural Resources Management
The Gadfly Project provides advanced software to entities committed to promoting peace, environmental sustainability, economic development, and quality-of-life advancements worldwide. The Custom Web and Mobile Application Development (CWMAD) program makes in-kind grants to non-profit organizations needing software to improve their operations and outreach. The Budget Booster Program offers the company’s services for half the stated price (50% discount). The Gadfly Project publishes submission guidelines for each of CWMAD and Budget Booster. Requests for support can be submitted at any time. More Information

Natural History Book Store — Gratis Books in Ecology and Conservation
NHBS supports science and conservation by supplying wildlife and environment books and equipment. In its Gratis Books Scheme, NHBS collaborates with other UK-based organizations to donate books on ecology and conservation to worthy recipients in the developing world. Individuals may request a book for themselves or suggest it for others. All applications will be considered together, and the available copies will be awarded to those considered most able to benefit from them. Link

Beit Trust — Support for Malawi and Zambia
The Beit Trust supports projects for health, education, welfare, and environment in Malawi and Zambia (Note: Due to uncertainties within Zimbabwe, funds for the construction of major projects are not being committed at this time). Themes include wildlife conservation. Additionally, the Trust’s interests in community welfare include drinking water and irrigation water. Grants do not normally exceed £50 thousand. Applications can be submitted at any time. About the Beit Trust

Global Innovation Fund — Social Innovations for the Developing World
GIF welcomes proposals of innovative and cost-effective solutions that address any major development challenge in any country or in multiple countries of the developing world. The program is open to teams and coalitions from social enterprises, for-profit companies, NGOs, government agencies, international organizations, and researchers anywhere in the world. GIF offers grants, loans, and equity investments ranging from US$230 thousand to US$15 million. Applicants should propose the level and type of funding that is appropriate for their innovation, based on the stage of development. GIF accepts applications on a continuous basis. Understand the Application Process

Green Climate Fund — Readiness Grants
The GCF offers grants up to US$1 million per country per year to help developing countries understand the GCF program, and to submit applications for accreditation. Priority for the readiness grants focuses on the Least Developed Countries (LDCs), Small Island Developing States (SIDS), and African States. Proposals for readiness grants are submitted through the country’s National Designated Authority or Focal Point for the GCF. Proposals can be submitted at any time. Link

IHE Delft Institute for Water Education — Free Online Courses
IHE Delft offers free online courses on various water topics on its OCW Platform. Available courses include Biological Wastewater Treatment, Spate Irrigation Systems, and Ecological Sanitation, among others. Each online course is divided by topics and course units for self-learning. Courses are available anytime. Browse the courses

Genesis Charitable Trust — Grants for Local Sustainable Development
The Genesis Charitable Trust makes grants to help individuals and communities in developing countries to improve their standards of living. The Trust favors projects that aim for long-term income generation and self-sufficiency, especially projects making a positive impact on communities currently beyond the reach of traditional government or market-based solutions. Past projects include examples in small-scale agriculture, renewable energy, and fisheries — among other focus areas. Grants are restricted to nonprofit organizations in eligible developing countries, or applicants that are associated with nonprofit organizations from the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand or Singapore. Preliminary grant applications can be submitted at any time. More


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