The Terra Viva Grants Directory develops and manages information about grants for agriculture, energy, environment, and natural resources in the world's developing countries.

Our Objectives

We intend to help grant seekers save time and money, keep current, and expand their thinking about where to look for funding. We also contribute to equity regarding who has access to funding opportunities.

  • Saving Time: We systematically scan many and diverse information streams to locate grant opportunities. We select the most relevant opportunities for presentation in standard formats.
  • Saving Money: Printed and online directories of grant makers are available, and many directories are free. But other directories have to be purchased, often at a substantial cost. Grant seekers can turn to consultants, but consulting services are seldom free. The Terra Viva Grants Directory offers a generous amount of information for free, and subscriptions at fair and reasonable fees.
  • Keeping Current: The world of grant making is constantly changing. We review the profiles of grant makers throughout the year to add new ones, remove inactive ones, and update information in all parts of the website.  
  • Expanded Grants Search: Even experienced grant seekers may discover relevant grant makers they had not previously considered – often for lack of prior information. 
  • Equitable Access to Information: We are helping to democratize the world of grant opportunities. Most large organizations rely on the services of a professional staff to identify grant opportunities. Individuals and small organizations need other ways to obtain their information. For these smaller actors, the Terra Viva Grants Directory can play the role of a virtual office.