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Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area — Multitopic Research and Innovation Action

The Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area (PRIMA) supports projects under the following topics: (1) Water Management, (2) Farming Systems, (3) and Agri-food Value Chain. Water projects should focus on alleviating Mediterranean water scarcity through adaptive water governance. Farming projects need to demonstrate field practices based on agroecological practices to increase ecosystem services and biodiversity, to adapt the small farming systems to climate change and to increase farmers incomes. Agri-Food projects should aim to increase the resilience of small-scale farms to global challenges and COVID-like crises. Companies/enterprises, non-profit organizations, NGOs, public research organizations, and universities from the following non-EU countries are eligible: Israel, Tunisia, Turkey, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Morocco. The deadline for pre-proposals is 21 April 2021. Access to the Multitopic call