The Terra Viva Grants Directory develops and manages information about grants for agriculture, energy, environment, and natural resources in the world's developing countries.

United States Government — Wildlife Detection Dog Programs in Southeast Asia

The United States Department of State seeks to reduce wildlife trafficking and environmental crimes. Therefore, applications are invited from qualified non-governmental organizations (NGOs), educational institutions, and other non-profit qualified organizations for a grant to implement “Wildlife Detection Dog Programs in Indonesia and Malaysia”. Applicants may submit either (i) a proposal for work in both Indonesia and Malaysia with a budget up to $2million; or (ii) a proposal for work in one country, either Indonesia or Malaysia, with a budget up to $1 million. The deadline for the submission of proposals is 25 June 2018. Find details

Newton Fund — UK-Colombia Agri-tech Catalyst 2018

UK organisations can apply to work with Colombian partners on innovative agricultural solutions in Colombia. Subject areas are new technologies and innovations in the Colombian agriculture sector, particularly by female smallholder farmers. Early-stage awards range from £150 thousand to £500 thousand for up to 18 months. Late-stage awards range from £200 thousand to £800 thousand. Agri-tech Catalyst funding is available to UK businesses, UK research organisations and partners in Colombia. The registration deadline is 18 July 2018. Link

UK Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council — Improving Mexican Crop Resilience

The UK Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), in collaboration with Mexican partners, announces a call for collaborative proposals on improving Mexican crop resilience to abiotic stress. Collaborative applications are invited from UK and Mexico-based researchers. Applicants may request up to a maximum of £533 thousand on the UK side and up to $5 million MXN on the Mexican side. Projects should be up to three years in duration. The application deadline is 19 July 2018. Detailed information

Asian Waterbirds Conservation Fund — Protection of Migratory Waterbirds

Administered by WWF Hong Kong, the Asian Waterbirds Conservation Fund supports the conservation of migratory waterbirds and their wetland habitats in the East Asian – Australasian flyway. Grants are up to US$5 thousand per program or project. The application deadline is 31 October of each year. Link

Phoenix Zoo — Funding for Wildlife Conservation and Science

The Phoenix Zoo (Arizona, USA) makes small grants to support wildlife conservation and science worldwide. Grants are limited to US$3 thousand for one year. Priority is for practical projects that help build capacity, and that involve local communities. The application period for pre-proposals is 01 November through 01 December each year. Link


William and Flora Hewlett Foundation — Grants for Climate and Energy

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation makes grants to solve social and environmental problems in the USA and internationally. The Foundation’s grant making for its environmental sub-program in Climate and Energy makes grants to strengthen global climate policy. The Foundation also funds improvements in transportation to reduce air pollution — focusing on China, India, Europe, and the United States. Most of Hewlett’s grants are by invitation. However, the Foundation accepts letters of inquiry (LOIs) in certain programs — including Climate and Energy. LOIs can be submitted at any time. Link

SeaWorld and Busch Gardens — Grants for Wildlife Conservation, Research, and Education

The Conservation Fund makes grants for wildlife conservation, research, and education. Applications are accepted from non-profit organizations, government entities, and schools and universities in the USA and other countries. Most grants are under US$50 thousand. Applications received by 30 April 2018 will be considered for funding in the last two quarters of 2018. More

Stiftung Artenschutz — Amphibian Conservation Fund 2018

The Amphibian Conservation Fund supports conservation measures for endangered amphibian species and subspecies. The Foundation is interested in both in-situ conservation and conservation-related research, as well as measures to enhance public awareness. Funding recipients may be legally registered non-profit organisations or non-profit promoter contributors, as well as public institutions. Grants are up to €4 thousand for 18 months. The deadline for applications (German, English) is 04 May 2018. Link

British Council — Newton Fund Workshop Grants

Newton Researcher Links Workshops bring together early-career researchers from the UK and a partner country to make international connections that can improve the quality of their research. Priority will be given to the following research areas: Agriculture; Climate Change; Sustainable Energy; Water and Sanitation, among others. The current call is for bilateral workshops of 3-5 days. Regional Workshops can be proposed between the UK and Brazil, China, India, Jordan, and Peru. The application deadline is 08 June 2018. More about the Workshop Grants

British Council — UK Institutional Links with Gulf countries

The Newton Institutional Links support research and innovation collaboration between the UK and partners in any of the following countries: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE. Subject areas for the collaborative research include agriculture, climate and environment, sustainable energy, water and sanitation, and several others — varying with each partner country. Proposals are submitted jointly by a principal investigator in the UK with a principal investigator in the partner country. Grants range from £50 thousand to £125 thousand over two years. The deadline for proposals is 28 June 2018. More