The Terra Viva Grants Directory develops and manages information about grants for agriculture, energy, environment, and natural resources in the world's developing countries.

SEED and Go4SDGs — Webinar: LAC Future Lab

SEED and Go4SDGs organize the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) Future Lab for Innovation and Policy. The LAC Future Lab offers a platform to develop future-proof solutions for challenges in the agri-food sector. The Lab will discuss practical solutions and exemplary cases for the industry’s challenges. The Future Lab targets green SMEs and organizations, who work at the interface of business, civil society and politics supporting green SMEs or circular economy solutions. Participants have to register by 12 October 2022. LAC Future Lab

Land Accelerator — Restoration of Degraded Forests and Farmland

The Land Accelerator is a four-month program for entrepreneurs who wish to learn how to restore degraded forests and farmland. The program offers courses in South Asia and Latin America. The accelerator is designed for companies that are in the testing phase of taking their product to market. Any business model that is recognized as restoring land is eligible, including, but not limited to smart agriculture, water conservation, agroforestry, tree planting, and beekeeping, forest conservation. The program currently accepts rolling applications for the 2022 cohort. Click here

SEED — Starter Workshop for Eco-Enterprises in India

The SEED Starter Program offers workshops to guide young entrepreneurs from early stages of ideation to the generation of a viable business plan. SEED Starter invites applications from teams who develop green and inclusive business solutions to key social and environmental challenges in India. Participation in the workshops is free, although participants need to cover their transportation costs and accommodation. All SEED Starter participants consist of a team of 2-5 members. Participants will be eligible to apply for a SEED Grant (of up to €1,000) after successfully completing the workshop. The application deadline is 15 September 2022. Know more

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit — Investment in African Agribusiness

The GIZ ‘Scaling Digital Agriculture Innovations through Start-ups’ (SAIS) Investment Readiness Program seeks to scale digital innovations developed by African start-ups that enable their users in the agricultural or food sector to increase their income. Participating start-ups will receive virtual coaching and training sessions, in-person workshops, and access to service providers. This opportunity is aimed at start-ups (for-profit businesses) registered in Africa with scalable digital solutions with a clear positive impact on income in the agricultural and/or food sector. Applications have to be received online by 31 October 2022. Find the GIZ-SAIS Investment Readiness Program

SEED — Replicator Workshop for Eco-Enterprises

The SEED Replicator program offers incubation workshops to identify opportunities for enterprise creation and to guide aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners looking for partnerships to build an eco-inclusive business model. Successful alumni can apply for a SEED Grant which pays for your immediate necessary activities, measures or machinery required to establish the new enterprise. SEED Replicator Program currently invites applications from entrepreneurs in India and Thailand. Participation is free, although participants need to cover their transportation costs and accommodation. The application deadline is 15 September 2022. SEED Replicator Program

Thomson Reuters Foundation — Reporting on Food Security and Rural Development in South Asia

The Thomson Reuters Foundation invites journalists from South Asia to participate in a workshop, which will cover food security, food production, markets and climate issues. The program will build the capacity of journalists to cover critical rural development issues and will help them produce stories that matter to their audiences. Applicants must be nationals of Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, or Sri Lanka. The application deadline is 19 September 2022. Worksop Reporting on Food Security

U.S. Department of State — E-Waste Program

The FRE-E-WASTE program is a two-day workshop, followed by a co-production of a manual on e-waste for Southeast Asian environmental enthusiasts aged between 18 to 35. The program aims to raise awareness on the problem of e-waste and educate that greenhouse gasses could be reduced or avoided if e-waste were properly treated and recycled. Interested participants can apply to participate in the online-workshop. The deadline to submit the application is 29 August 2022. Know more

Global Water Partnership-Caribbean — Youth Workshop Caribbean

The Global Water Partnership-Caribbean (GWP-C) invites applications to the workshop “To Save the Water…Let’s Talk About Shit”. The workshop will focus on the roles of Youth and the Media in Caribbean Wastewater Management. Participation is open to Caribbean Youth and Journalists residing in Caribbean countries. As part of the workshop, participants will also be given the opportunity to create social media content to raise awareness amongst the wider public. The workshop will be open to young Caribbean nationals and Journalists aged 18-34 years. The Expression of Interest has to be submitted by 31 August 2022. Link to GWP-C

European Marine Research Network — Foresight Workshops

EuroMarine funds Foresight Workshops with a maximum funding of €10 thousand. Workshops should focus on emerging and important topics requiring European-wide coordination. All workshops are expected to yield scientific publications in the wider area of understanding, protection and management of the Ocean. Proposals should involve at least three full Member Organizations of EuroMarine, from at least two different countries. Applicants are welcome to involve any relevant organizations from developing countries. The submission deadline for workshop proposals is 31 August 2022. EuroMarine Foresight Workshops

EuroMarine — School on Ocean Transformation

EuroMarine launches a call for proposals to host the inaugural EuroMarine School on Ocean Transformation. The School is an opportunity to host a training workshop that will equip attendees with new knowledge to address ocean challenges and should address one or more of the key priorities and challenges in marine science. The maximum budget available is €25 thousand. Proposals should involve at least three full Member Organizations of EuroMarine, from at least two different countries. Applicants are welcome to involve any relevant organizations from developing countries. Applications must be submitted before 31 August 2022. EuroMarine School