The Terra Viva Grants Directory develops and manages information about grants for agriculture, energy, environment, and natural resources in the world's developing countries.

How do I filter my results?

We use “tags” in our Funding News (information on website). Tags are searchable and can be used like a filter for more relevant results on our website. We provide a standard set of tags that help you to classify funding news faster (what, when, where, etc.). The tags are a type of database,  using one variable at a time. Here is a quick overview of how tags work:

Use deadline tags to create a calendar view. You can get a calendar view by using  a monthly tag (may2017, december2018, march2019, etc.) in our Funding News. This will give you an  overview of past calls for proposals and current deadlines, filtered by month and year. The template for deadline tags is: monthYYYY (e.g., september2018 –> no space)

Search for subjects and categories. We offer tags for certain subjects and categories. The tags we offer are wide and more general on purpose, for that reason you can search for “wildlife” (many grants), but not for “spider monkeys” (too narrow). We use this approach because grant makers are sometimes vague in their descriptions, making it difficult to find specific  information. Use our subject and category tags for a better overview of your interests and needs, and then check the eligibility criteria on the grantmakers’ website. Here are the subject and category tags we currently offer: agriculture, biodiversity, biology, biotechnology, climate, conservation, energy, fisheries, forests, marine/coastal, natural disasters, pollution, water, wildlife

Search for type of support. We tag various types of activities supported by the grantmaker, if available. This can be quite helpful to identify, quickly, possible opportunities that fit your needs. For example, you can search for “research” if you need support for research projects, use “fellowships/scholarships” if you need financial support for your education, or search for “community projects” if you need potential donors for project implementation. Here are the support tags we currently offer: awards/prizes, community projects, fellowships/scholarships, research, social enterprise, training/education, travel/mobility, workshops/conferences, media/journalism, partnership/collaboration

Finding opportunities relevant for your location (broad scope). Our geographical orientation is the entire developing world, defined as the low-income and middle-income countries. Our location tags help you to classify calls for proposals faster. Please keep in mind that we are not able to offer country or even region specific filters because many  grantmakers do not provide sufficient detail. For example, if you are Togolese and you do not see Togo listed in a specific post or the database, you may conclude that a certain grant is not for you. But this might not be the case. A better approach would be to use location tags (e.g., Africa) to filter information and then check the eligibility criteria or supported countries on the grantmakers’ website. We also offer the tag “all regions” which is generally used if the grantmaker supports grant seekers from all around the world. Here are the support location tags we currently offer: all regions, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Eurasia/Central Asia, South Asia, LAC (for Latin American and the Caribbean), MENA (for Middle East and North Africa), Russia/Eastern Europe

Find out if you can apply. Applicant tags can be used to filter calls by eligible type of applicant. Some grantmakers explain the types of organizations or applicants eligible to submit proposals in their eligibility criteria. Others do not. We try to narrow this down as much as possible so that you can use our tags to get a more useful overview. Some grants makers will only accept proposals from registered charities (e.g., nonprofit organizations). Others accept applications from companies (business/enterprise), nonprofit organizations, and individuals. Then, there are grantmakers who offer opportunities for specific groups, for example for women or early-career researchers. Use our tags to narrow down your search. Here are the eligibility tags we currently offer: business/enterprise, governments, nonprofit orgs, universities, social enterprise, individuals, early-career, women, youth