The Terra Viva Grants Directory develops and manages information about grants for agriculture, energy, environment, and natural resources in the world's developing countries.

What is the scope of the TVG Directory? Which topics are included?

We include in our TVG database grantmakers who focus on: 

(1) Agriculture/Fisheries/Forestry;

(2) Biodiversity/Conservation/Wildlife;

(3) Energy/Climate Change;

(4) Water Resources;

(5) Cross-Cutting Subjects.

It might be helpful to think of these categories as as colors – green (sustainable agriculture, sustainable energy, conservation), blue (water, sanitation, coastal, fisheries), or grey (pollution, waste management, climate).

A brief word about Cross-Cutting Subjects: The category Cross-Cutting Subjects – the largest group of funding opportunities and grantmakers in the TVG database – can be very useful for your search; yet, often underestimated. We highly recommend that grant seekers always consult “cross-cutting” calls for proposals. Opportunities that fall into this category seek proposals from two or more of our main categories. For example, the grantmaker invites one proposal for small-scale agriculture, one for community wells for water supply, and a third one for sustainable energy access. You might only want to apply for agriculture and that is okay. It does not mean that your project needs to fall into all three subject areas! It simply means that the grantmaker will consider proposals for one or more of the subject areas.

We include general themes like STEM (which might be relevant for biology and biodiversity conservation) or biotechnology (often relevant for agriculture). We share funding opportunities for travel grants or workshops, if they fall into one of our main categories. We also include a very limited number of grants that fund attendance at events and conferences, but only if they offer bursaries, waivers or scholarships for those who cannot afford to attend otherwise. Unfortunately, there are very few such possibilities.

The opportunities we curate and post reflect a naturally limited focus compared to other information services. We do not include grantmakers that are closed to competition. Furthermore, we only share opportunities with a wide geographical scope. This means that we do not include calls for proposals that are country-specific. For example, we don’t post a call for proposals for Nigerians only; yet, we do post grantmakers inviting applications from at least two or three countries on the African continent. Nor, for example, do we share calls for proposals for Indians only. Instead, we post research cooperations between India and at least one other country.